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Defining Characteristics of Coastal Interior Design

Coastal interior design brings the colors, textures, and visuals of a beachside view together in your home to create a space that’s uniquely relaxing and undeniably comfortable. Coastal interiors borrow many of the designs and decor that you…
A Bathroom Transformationfrom Dingy to a Coastal Bliss
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A Bathroom Transformation From Dingy to Coastal Bliss

While working with a client on a Windsor home recently, the client told me her mother was moving to a coastal community nearby and needed help designing her master bathroom. Well, of course, I agreed to help and knew the community well.…
3 Ways to Create a Coastal Décor Color Palette

How to Create a coastal decor color palette with 3 ways

How to Create a coastal decor color palette? Unless you are fortunate enough to live right on its shores, the sea is likely to be something you know exists, but only realize the rarest experience of it. It’s something you enjoy for day trips…
Easy Fall Decorating Ideas Using Natural Materials
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Easy Fall Decorating Ideas Using Natural Materials

Using natural materials for seasonal home décor always looks better to me. Today's post offers up three easy fall decorating ideas.
Diy Designer Inspired Decor
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Comparing 3 Types of In-ground Pool Construction

In-ground pool construction is offered in 3 types. It is important if you are considering an in-ground pool to do your research!
In-Home Hammock Designs
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In-Home Hammock Designs Adds Peaceful Décor

In-Home Hammock Designs Invites Solitude A hammock is an open invitation to take a load off, lay down and swing your troubles away. In-home hammock designs are becoming popular especially in coastal design style. It adds a sense of…
Pool Designs – Keeping it Real
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Pool Designs – Keeping it Real

Water gives me a sense of peace and I know I must be near it. I have lived in Florida my whole life and when I am in a place that is landlocked I get a feeling of claustrophobia. I'm fine for short periods of time but, if I am there for too…
Creating Sophistication with White Walls
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Painted White Walls Let You Pop Inspirations

Keeping It White Painted white walls create the perfect canvas for things you want to showcase. All colors show well in a white room by allowing you to design the attitude of the room. Let's explore different ways to achieve the desired…
The Beauty of Glass in Home Design
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The Beauty of Glass in Home Design

Interior Architecture Designed with Glass I am claustrophobic and I believe that is why I am drawn to the translucency of glass, it keeps spaces visually more open. It doesn't disrupt the architecture and only adds grace to it. The…
Summer Bedroom Decorating
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Summer Bedroom Decorating Tips

With the arrival of summer, it immediately lifts your mood and puts a spring in your step. This makes it the perfect time to give your bedroom a summer makeover, and you will be amazed at the impact that this can have on how you feel each day.…
ADA, Adaptability, accessibility, designing for accessibility
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Designing a Home for Accessibility with Style!

My husband and I had always dreamed about living on the water and when we found a 1970's property with a dozen manatee's right off the dock, we knew we were home! We also knew the work we had ahead of us with an old property. As an interior…
Qualified Remodeler Magazine
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Road Tripping Through the Hamptons, Going the Distance to Montauk

Photography by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC. I was in awe at the vibrant colors seen in the trees and flowers that seemed to be exploding with blooms. The Hampton's in the summer is so beautiful and everywhere I looked I could…