The differences between framed and frameless shower doors.

Shower Doors – Framed or Semi-frameless?

When designing a shower there are many things to consider and one of them is what type of shower enclosure to have. Glass shower doors are popular as they visually increase the size of the bathroom. When choosing one, it is important to make…
What You Should Know Before Building a Walk-in Shower

Walk-in Shower – 7 Tips for Installing

A walk-in shower has become popular in today's home designs. The reason is, that it is efficient and attractive which adds value to your home. The following information will help you correctly install a walk-in shower. How to Install a Walk-in…

How to Design a Sleek & Modern Bathroom

If you love sleek and clean spaces that keep the accent on architectural features, modern style might be the right design direction for you.
bathroom remodel

Finding Contractors for a Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel is an effective way to boost the livability of any home, and it can make day-to-day life a lot more pleasant!
Interior Design With Winter Whites For Any Time Of Year
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Interior Design With Winter White For Any Time Of Year

Today, for your inspiration, we're bringing you two striking examples of the use of winter white from the designs of Patricia Davis Brown.
Your Guide to the Most Affordable Walk-In Tubs

Get The Most Affordable Walk-In Tub Prices in 2021 From Bath Tub Brands

If you're shopping for a walk-in tub, continue reading to learn exactly what to do to get walk-in tubs at the most affordable prices in 2021.
The 13 Essential Signs that Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel

13 Signs Your Bathroom Needs A Remodel

Over time, due to wear and tear, your bathroom might no longer appeal to future home buyers. Perhaps your bathroom needs a remodel!
What To Ask When Hiring an Appliance Repair Service

What To Ask When Hiring an Appliance Repair Service in Burbank, CA

Searching for an appliance repair service is never fun when it's usually because something is going wrong. Ask these questions before hiring.
4 Things to Consider Before Adding a Basement Bathroom

4 Things to Consider Before Adding a Basement Bathroom

Before you start buying materials and hiring contractors for your project, here are four tactics to know when adding a basement bathroom.
Redesigning Your Bathrooms

Redesigning Your Bathrooms with Innovative Design Ideas

A small but significant change makes you happy and cheerful. Today we bring you some ideas and inspiration for redesigning your bathrooms!
Mold on Tile and Grout - scrubbing a green tile counter in yellow gloves and red sponge.

Dealing with Mold on Tile and Grout

Do you get mold on your tile and grout? If so, continue reading to learn what you must do about this common household maintenance issue.
3 Common Bathroom Problems Plus How to Fix Them

3 Common Bathroom Problems (Plus How to Fix Them)

If you're experiencing a few bathroom issues, we invite you to keep reading for your guide to fixing common bathroom problems.