Create Your Dream Vintage Bedroom
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6 Beautiful Styles to Create Your Dream Vintage Bedroom

A vintage bedroom is a perfect place to escape the modern stressful life. Create a pretty vintage bedroom for the charm and attraction of the soft accessories, period furniture, classic shades of paint and sheets, homemade items, and unique…
Italian decor.

Italian Décor; Influencing Design Throughout History

Italian décor is known for its elegance and vintage style. Tips on how to incorporate a vintage style into your homes interior design.
How Antiques Play into 2017 Design Trends
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How Antiques Play into 2017 Design Trends

Modern has had its heyday, and many interior designers are going back about a century to morph the old antiques with the new for some beautiful 2017 interior design trends. These trends are perfect for those who love to do-it-yourself. You…
Elements of a Vintage Bathroom
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Vintage Bathroom Design: Keeping it Classic

Although a lot of people are looking for modern bathrooms these days, the classic look is still in style. In fact, a lot of homeowners are going vintage when it comes to their bathroom. However, when you do decide to renovate your bathroom,…
Interior Design Bedroom
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Maximalist – The Opposite of Minimalist

Maximalist is the opposite of minimalist and is making a comeback. The styles of Baroque and Mediterranean are examples of maximalist.
5 Interior Design Styles
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5 Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Get Them Just Right

If it is time for you to design a room in your home, your head is probably filled with different colors and patterns right now. There are so many to choose from! Why not pick an overall style for your room? This way, you narrow down what you…
satchels gainesville florida junk museum wall art repurpose


JUNK is ART, just ask Satchel, the owner of SATCHEL'S pizza and The LIGHTNIN' SALVAGE ENTERPRISES. My husband Lee and I found this unique pizza joint during a really challenging time in our life. Our oldest son Patrick was at Shands hospital…
How Vintage Design Adds a Personal Touch

How Vintage Design Adds a Personal Touch

Vintage is a personal taste and can vary from traditional antiques to something with more of a retro feel and anything in between. Finding antiques to add to your collection adds a personal touch to your decorating style.  See what our readers…
Vintage Beach Decor Ideas

Vintage Beach Decor Ideas

Vintage design inspiration provides a sense of period style to any theme. Here are some great ideas to incorporate a vintage feel to beach decor.