Step by step instructions on DIY furniture make overs, that will inspire you to give it a try!

Work Comfortably from Home with an Affordable Adjustable SmartDesk

Work Comfortably from Home with an Affordable Adjustable SmartDesk

Do you need to quickly set up a productive home office? If so, then continue reading to learn about the adjustable and affordable Autonomous SmartDesk.
Maintaining your office furniture

5 Easy Tips on Maintaining Your Office Furniture

Studies show that a working environment in poor repair negatively impacts productivity. This often reduces your ability to focus and deprives you of overall motivation. This is why maintaining your office furniture is important for productivity. Maintaining…
DIY Tips for Summertime Gardening
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DIY Garden Tip Guide for Summertime Gardening

Now that summer is officially here, it’s time to step outside and leave the interior DIY alone - at least for a couple of weeks and set our attention to our outdoor space. There is so much stuff to get involved in outdoors that it can…
DIY Sofa Tables

DIY Sofa Tables to Dress Up the Back of a Couch

Because the open concept design is so popular in home design today, there is a lack of walls to place furniture on. My couch layouts are floated in rooms and end up with their backs exposed and visible. To create a more decorative look I recommend…
Furniture Tips for Proper Care & Maintenance

Furniture Tips for Proper Care and Maintenance

It doesn’t matter how careful you are with your furniture, there are always going to be accidents that take place. The best thing for you to do is to take good care of your furniture and maintain it as much as possible. After all, prevention…
Spring Décor
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Spring Décor – What’s Trending for 2017?

Spring is such an exciting time for homeowners. Being able to open windows and breathe fresh air after a long winter is such a satisfying feeling. There are so many things that you can do to get yourself in the mood for spring and embrace this…
Creating Sophistication with White Walls
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Painted White Walls Let You Pop Inspirations

Keeping It White Painted white walls create the perfect canvas for things you want to showcase. All colors show well in a white room by allowing you to design the attitude of the room. Let's explore different ways to achieve the desired…
Finding Quality Furniture Parts is Important

Finding Quality Furniture Parts is Important: Buyer Guide

As many of you know, I am an interior designer and a Modern kitchen and bath designer, so I certainly know something about designing and building wood furniture and cabinetry that lasts. It is important to me that my furniture and cabinetry…
Summer Home Decorating
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9 Easy Home Decorating Ideas for Summer

Summers are a great time to freshen up your home appearance. With that said, house decor during summers is an exciting, but a time-consuming task. However, it does not always have to be expensive. By getting creative, you can easily turn the…
The Art of Mix and Match Design
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Tips on Mix and Match Design

One of the great things about the current trend for mix and match design is that it is eminently flexible. This is a useful bonus if you like to stay stylish but don’t want to spend a fortune on a design fad, only to find it goes out of fashion…
Furniture trends at ICFF - glass coffee table.
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2016 Furniture Trends Seen at ICFF

I had the opportunity to be a part of New York Cities, NYC X DESIGN, a gathering of the design world. Every year from May 10 through the 21st a mingling of architects, graphic designers, fashion-world entrepreneurs, and furniture craftsmen are…
Gold Accents are Back
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Gold Accents are Trending in Design

Gold Accents are Back Over my 30 year career as a designer, I have seen trends come and go. It's funny how a material will run its course and you are so glad to see it go, but when it comes back decades later, it is like seeing an old friend…