Step by step instructions on DIY furniture make overs, that will inspire you to give it a try!

5 Interior Design Styles
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5 Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Get Them Just Right

If it is time for you to design a room in your home, your head is probably filled with different colors and patterns right now. There are so many to choose from! Why not pick an overall style for your room? This way, you narrow down what you…
A refurbished desk using the technique of decoupage medium Mod Podge.
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Refurbished Desktop Using Decoupage Medium Mod Podge

What's A Decoupage? As a designer who has added blogging to my resume, I learn something new every day. Thanks to our latest submission by one of our favorite DIYers, Julia Reilly, I have learned what a decoupage medium is in the crafting…
Before and after classic chair DIY chalk paint and glaze refurbish project with Julia Riley.

DIY – How to Make an Old Chair Into a Statement Piece

DIY Classic Chair Refurbish     Presenting Julia Reilly, our DIY expert loves to turn old into shiny and WOW! She will be taking a thrifted classic style chair and revamping it with fresh, fun color using multiple paint techniques.…