Interesting Facts About Asphalt

Facts About Asphalt From Experts

Did you know that asphalt is the most recycled product in the United States? You might be surprised that indigenous people first used it in the 13th century. They used it to stick together ceremonial items, building tools, and road surfaces.…
How To Implement The Industrial Style In Your Home

How To Implement The Industrial Style In Your Home

If you like the look of the industrial style, we invite you to read today's post to learn how you can implement this look in your home.
Tips for Restaurant Design
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5 Restaurant Design Tips for Success

Restaurants are havens for people to dine, relax, connect and have a good time.  The perfect restaurant design should consequently be an environment that agrees with the aesthetic and functional needs of the customer.  The starting…
Shelving Designs That Make a Statement
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Shelving Designs That Make a Statement

Typically shelving is to allow you to display things you want to visually see, but when you make the shelving designs become the visual focal point you really make a "wow factor". This shelving creates an up and down movement and then by…
Textured Walls Need Balance
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Textured Walls Create the Character of the Room

There is an art to designing heavily textured walls into a room design. It is about finding the right balance. The brick wall in this room design becomes a major focal point and it is important to take that into consideration when choosing…
5 Interior Design Styles
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5 Popular Interior Design Styles And How To Get Them Just Right

If it is time for you to design a room in your home, your head is probably filled with different colors and patterns right now. There are so many to choose from! Why not pick an overall style for your room? This way, you narrow down what you…
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Enter #LoveItMoment for $1,000.00 Shopping Spree on; Tips For Outdoor Spaces

Needy remodels are my all time favorite projects to attack! One day I was contacted by Paul Drintenbas, an architect I truly admire, about young client's who were looking for an interior designer who could turn their old 1980's property into…
6 Benefits of Installing a Home Lift
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6 Benefits of Installing a Home Lift in your Singapore Home

Among other things, installing a home lift takes off a load of access challenges in the home environment. A private home lift that is well installed not only serves your home's accessibility needs, but can also transform and give aesthetic…
Grabbing Inspiration
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Grabbing Inspiration From the Textures of New York City

Walking through New York City fills the designer in me full of inspiration. Around every nook and cranny, there is a texture that grabs my imagination, for a design yet to be. Those of us, whose brains are wired to notice architectural details,…
Organic Industrial Style from Palo Samko
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Organic Industrial Style from Furniture & Accessories maker Palo Samko

Palo Samko is a true artisan who pays careful attention to the smallest details and materials that go into his work. I met Palo at this year's Architectural Digest home design show in New York. His collection quickly caught my attention because…
Industrial Design

Industrial Design

In the world of Industrial Design, it is a very modern design aesthetic that focuses principally on aesthetic and user-interface aspects of products.
Wall Mounted Doors for an Industrial Look

Wall Mounted Doors for an Industrial Look

There are many ways to incorporate an industrial design into your decor. Wall-mounted doors bring an industrial and old fashioned feel into a modern space.