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Textured Walls Need Balance

There is an art to designing heavily textured walls into a room design. It is about finding the right balance. The brick wall in this room design becomes a major focal point and it is important to take that into consideration when choosing the other materials in the room. The white painted walls help to balance the dark wood floor and the brick wall. When I have a textured brick wall I like to place lighting at ceiling close to the wall shining down. This helps to highlight the texture of the wall and complete the design.

Textured Walls Need Balance

Textured Walls Need Balance


Another way to bring texture into the room is with bookcases. Not only does the design of the bookcase bring pattern into the room but also the books on the shelves contribute by adding color and texture. This is also the perfect place to display framed pictures of the family and other knick knacks.


Wallpaper gives us many options in wall design and is a wonderful way to backdrop an entertainment center. I was recently in New York City and toured Kips Bay Designer Showhouse and every room presented wallpaper, it’s back and it’s big! One designer even wallpapered the moldings in the room.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters bring texture to any room. Don’t just think of treating the walls, consider all the vertical surfaces in the room. Windows are always a focal point to any room and you need to really think about the treatment you select for them.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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    Yes you are right when creating these wall designs. Especially when it come to color and composition. The first walls is an “Old World” Early American type of wall finish I have replicated on many accent walls as a decorative artist (some refer to us as faux finishers). However through the art of working with several mediums will give you that perfect look that Interior Designers look for, However you should always look for a professional artist who has a history with other professionals These techniques have been handed down for generations and takes years to master them

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