Modern Holiday Decor Delight

Modern Holiday Decor Delights

Today we bring you inspirations of modern holiday decor. Here is our contribution to this season's modern holiday decor delights.
10 Design Hacks for a Minimalist Room

These 10 Hacks Will Help You to Create a Minimalist Room

Being conservative and minimalist doesn't always mean boring and dull. Leaning to the more minimalist room decor is often the way to go.
Commercial Bathroom Design
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7 Creative Design Tips for Your Small Bathroom

Oh, to have a huge bathroom, double vanities, garden tub, separate shower, and walk-in closet. Though it's a nice thought, it's a fantasy for those with small bathrooms. When homeowners or property owners first lay eyes on a small bathroom…
Modern Design in your Bathroom
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3 Ways to Create a Modern Design in your Bathroom

Are you thinking about creating a more modern design in your bathroom with some of the current trends?  If so, there is a wide selection of modern options from minimal to bold design from which you can make great choices. A bathroom remodel…
Tips for Creating a Modern Home

Top Tips for Creating a Modern Home

For many people, their home is their pride and joy, which they will have saved much money over the years to invest in and make their own. Part of what makes a home a home is keeping it up to date with your personal style, as well as matching…
Minimalist home office

How to Design a Minimalist Home Office

For most people, the idea of a clean and calm office space trumps the natural chaos of life every time. This is why even people who aren’t minimalists on a normal day find themselves veering towards the white paint, Scandi furniture and organization…
id-Century Modern Allows You to Experience the Design
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Mid-Century Modern Allows You to Experience the Design

Mid-Century Modern is a look that is all about clean lines and functionality. It embraces the juxtaposition between contrasting materials and with minimal clutter and fuss celebrates the form and manufacture of every piece. As minimalism…
Decluttering - The BESTNew Year's Resolution (1)
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New Year Resolution; 3 Tips to Decluttering Your Home

Our lives are already so busy with our responsibilities of family, friends, homes, and work life, it's easy for our homes to get overloaded with stuff.  But, with some focused effort on our part, we can get a grip on this and start our New…
Lagom Décor, Not Too Little, Not Too Much
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Think Scandi at Home This Season with All Things Lagom

If you were around on Instagram this time last year, you will have seen the Danish term ‘hygge’ all over the place. From images with a cozy sweater, blanket, and scented candle, to huge mugs of tea and a roaring fire; the whole concept…
5 Minimal Upkeep Ideas for Your Home

Is It Possible To Design A Home That Requires Minimal Upkeep?

So, you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your home. Great news! Making sure you take the time to do this will mean being able to spend less time on boring tasks and more time doing the things that matter, as well as the things you…
4 Steps to Declutter Your Kitchen for a Minimalist Style
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Minimalist Kitchen Designed on a Budget

The kitchen is the most important room of the home and needs to have careful consideration when planning it. Far too many people focus on the kitchen appliances and neglect the importance of having a lot of storage space and working area. Whether…
Minimalist Designs for a Stress-free Home

Minimalist Designs Provoke a Stress-free Home

It is easy for homes to become cluttered. We have so many belongings that rooms are easily filled and your space starts to induce a sense of claustrophobia. To avoid this, your home should be a space where you can kick back and relax, basking…