Oh, to have a huge bathroom, double vanities, garden tub, separate shower, and walk-in closet. Though it’s a nice thought, it’s a fantasy for those with small bathrooms. When homeowners or property owners first lay eyes on a small bathroom design, they often dismiss it as one of those designs you simply can’t do anything about. 

However, the truth is, you can do quite a bit with a small bathroom to make it look stylish and more spacious. Continue reading if you want to know how to make your small bathroom look bigger!

7 Clever Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Trick Your Brain With White

Small bathroom

Light colors can make a room look more open. When you design with white and light colors, you create an optical illusion of spaciousness in your small bathroom.

White on white in a small space has the opposite effect on a person’s brain as “black on black” does. When you walk into a black room you immediately feel anxious and closed in. However, white on white has a physiological effect on our respiratory system and signals to us to breathe deeply. This opens up our lungs and literally makes us feel more comfortable. So think about choosing a bright white tub, a top toilet and sink along with white walls for a space that just feels larger

A Step Away from White On White

Not everyone is willing to commit to white on white. If that is the case with you, you can get a very similar effect with super light tones. Colors such as light beige, pink, blue, and yellow are also very effective to create a sense of openness.

Float Your Vanity Off the Floor

Small bathroom floating vanity

Space is an important design element in a room this size. Often the key elements of the bathroom are what make it look bulky and cramped. For instance, vanities tend to be huge! But, they don’t have to be. Floating vanities are a great option that gives the function to your vanity, but when it is ‘lifted’ off the floor by several inches, this gives a wonderful illusion of more space.

Know the Limitations of Your Space

If you have a small bathroom, then your space will fill up fast. However, clutter will absolutely make the bathroom seem smaller. Choose a smaller sized vanity and then consciously limit yourself to only keeping what will nicely fit into that vanity. Research and select simple, modern fittings and plumbing designs that don’t clutter the room.

Reflect Light With Mirrors

The careful selection and placement of mirrors create the finest optical illusion of light and space. Mirrors in your small bathroom will help to reflect more light around the space. Also, a mirror naturally gives your brain an extension of barriers. This means that a mirror can look like an extension of space. It’s a great way to give you and your guests a feeling of comfort and spaciousness.

Relax on the Décor

Relax on the Décor

It may be tempting to make up for your bathroom’s small size by getting some big decorating ideas. This will work against you, however. The more décor you bring into the bathroom, the more cluttered and tiny it will seem. Streamlining décor will give your bathroom a sleek look that will contribute to the overall big effect you are trying to pull off.

Look on the Bright Side

The right placement of lights will brighten and give a feeling of vastness to your space. One option is to install lights with covers that reflect and project the light. Another way is to bring light into your room is by accenting the windows with the right window treatments to bring more natural light into your design.

As you can easily see, there is no need to give up on your bathroom because of its small size. Tips such as these can transform any small space into an invitation for relaxation as well as functionality in your small bathroom.

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