Tiny Homes - Learn the Ins and Outs of Designing for a Tiny Lifestyle.

Tiny Home Design – 5 Design Ideas

Tiny Home Design Ideas 1. Maximize ALL of the Kitchen Space in a Tiny Home The kitchen is an important room in any type of home and needs to be functional. Working with a certified kitchen designer is a good idea always, especially in…
utilize space

Efficiently Utilize Space in a Small Home

When you live in a home with limited space, it's important to utilize the space that you have. It's challenging to keep the place looking organized. The place can look cramped and cluttered easily when you add a few items to the space. It’s…
Work From Home Officecanva

10 Essentials For Your Work From Home Office

As remote and hybrid jobs are becoming more widely accessible, the work-from-home office space is becoming more advanced than ever before. From many nifty gadgets to ergonomic desks and chairs, remote offices are more customizable than ever. 10…
3 Top Tips For Designing The Perfect Home Bar

What You Will Need for the Perfect Home Bar

If a home bar is something you want to install in your home, continue reading for today’s post about what you need for the perfect home bar.
Items That You Might Not Be Able To Load When Moving

DIY Tips and Tricks for a More Spacious Condominium

If you need help finding ways to make the space you have work for you, we invite you to continue reading to learn how to design a more spacious condominium.
6 Expert Tips for Redesigning Your Office Space

6 Expert Tips for Redesigning Your Office Space

Everyone wants a happy, productive staff so, if you are thinking about giving your office a new look, here are a few tips for redesigning your office space.
Luxury Apartment Design Trends
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2020’s Most Popular Luxury Apartment Design Trends

Just because 2020 has been a wild ride doesn't mean that your décor has to take the same detour. Let's start fresh by tackling a few apartment design projects that you've wanted to do. We're going to think about how materials, textures, patterns,…
Reading Nook Design

3 Tips for an Amazing Reading Nook Away from the World

Do you enjoy or would love to enjoy an amazing reading nook in your home to get away from the world? Going to work and raising a family is something most of us do, but sometimes, the daily grind wears on a person. What's more, these stressful…
Designing Your Home Workshop
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Home Workshop; Designing the Ultimate DIY Workroom

For DIY enthusiasts all over the world, creating a workshop where you can do various different jobs is one of their main ambitions. This means that you have your own area where you have the room and equipment that is needed to complete tasks…
DIY Tips for Summertime Gardening

Urban Living – How to Create Green Space in Your Urban Home

When hunting for a new home, many of us refuse to even consider options without the addition of a garden. In many ways, this makes sense. We all love the chance to get outside. Gardens are fantastic for keeping us in touch with nature. They…
Make Small Spaces Appear Larger
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5 Design Tips to Help a Small Room Appear Larger

Sometimes, when your budget or your home’s floor plan is limited, you have to be creative. Here are some design tips to help your rooms feel more spacious.
Make the Most of Your Small Home Office
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Small Home Office – Tips on How to Improve It

Large spaces are not easy to come by these days, however, everyone needs a quiet place to work at home. You may be resigned to working in a room no bigger than a closet, but that doesn’t mean it needs to feel cramped. Here are a few tips…