If you’re planning a home remodel, maximize your small spaces. This can help you achieve all the benefits of a larger home while saving you time and money! One of the first things you can do to maximize your small space is to look for hidden areas that are often overlooked. This includes corners, walls, and staircases underneath.

4 Home Remodeling Tips

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More Comfort

Tiny homes can feel cramped and uncomfortable if not well-designed and organized. Fortunately, many thoughtful design and storage solutions can make any home feel more comfortable. When renovating a smaller space, prioritize function over form. This means placing furniture in a way that optimizes how the room will be used. The color palette you choose should also be cohesive throughout the space. Sticking with lighter, calm colors that contrast naturally with light fixtures and other furnishings will make the room feel larger. Another great tip for maximizing small spaces for home remodel is to use natural lighting as much as possible. This can be achieved by installing windows or skylights in the home and adding reflective surfaces like mirrored walls.

Less Clutter

The adage, ‘A place for everything and everything in its place,’ is a good one to remember when organizing a small space. This will help prevent clutter from accumulating. Another way to avoid excess clutter is to weed through your belongings and donate or sell any items that no longer serve a purpose. This can be a good process, making your home feel less cluttered and more open. Color and lighting choices also significantly maximize limited space in your home remodel. Light colors (off-white, light neutrals, and pale tones) reflect natural light and make a room feel more spacious.

More Space

Whether you’re planning a complete room addition or want to declutter your current space, there are plenty of clever ways to make your home feel larger. One of the best small space design ideas is to maximize every square foot you have, including walls and corners. Open shelving, corner cabinetry, and even the underside of a staircase can all add valuable storage space. The most effective way to use your small space is by using innovative storage solutions. These are usually personalized to your home’s needs, such as containers that precisely fit into a cabinet, pantry, or closet.

More Value

Living in a small home can be challenging. But there are many ways to make even the tiniest home feel more spacious and comfortable. Maximizing your floor area is vital to making your small space feel larger. This means choosing furniture that takes up the least amount of floor space possible. You can do this by selecting furnishings with narrow legs or shallow-depth couches, avoiding large-framed mirrors, and opting for light-colored walls.

Your contractor can help you identify unused spaces in your home, especially hallways, and nooks. These can be perfect places for custom closets, a mini bar, or a cozy reading nook. Your contractor can also help you create intelligent storage solutions customized to your space’s needs. This can include storage containers that fit precisely into a cabinet, pantry, or closet.

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