As remote and hybrid jobs are becoming more widely accessible, the work-from-home office space is becoming more advanced than ever before. From many nifty gadgets to ergonomic desks and chairs, remote offices are more customizable than ever.

10 Essentials For Your Work From Home Office

Work From Home Office

Compared to the drab and gray cubicles, your remote office could feature a treadmill desk, tons of house plants, and many helpful tech gadgets that make your day-to-day responsibilities much more enjoyable. In this article, we’ve set out to share the top 10 essential items each remote office should have! Keep reading to learn more. 

1. Treadmill Desk

There are many health benefits to having a treadmill desk in your office. Sedentary lifestyles can shave years off our lives, causing unnecessary stress and strain on our bodies. Keeping active and burning calories throughout the workday can be incredibly beneficial for our overall health. Walking on a treadmill desk is not only great for staying limber but also a great option for weight loss, making a treadmill desk an absolute must-have for your workstation.  

2. Ergonomic Chair

Even if we are staying active with our treadmill desks, on the occasions when we have to sit down (i.e meetings), investing in an ergonomic chair is a wise choice. Ergonomic chairs support the curvature of our spines, encouraging proper posture and as a result, minimizing stiffness and tension from staying seated for long periods of time. These chairs are very comfortable and hug your body just right!

3. Adjustable Standing Desk

To go along with your treadmill and chair, an adjustable standing desk is just the thing you need. These desks usually have a lever or button used to increase the height of the desk, allowing you to stand and work at the same time. As we’ve mentioned above, staying seated for long periods of time wreaks havoc on our bodies – causing muscle loss, poor circulation, low energy, and many other symptoms that inevitably cut down our life expectancy. Standing in lieu of sitting can help prevent some of these symptoms, as our bodies just dislike being contorted into a seated position. Plus, you can always slide your treadmill base underneath your desk to really maximize its benefits. 

4. Elevated Laptop Stand

Another helpful asset to your at-home office is an elevated laptop stand that can take the pressure off your wrists. Because the stand is elevated at a slant, it encourages you to sit up straight and take the pressure off your back. The placement of your wrists and arms can be extra hard on your back, but an elevated laptop stand requires you to purchase a keyboard shaped specifically with your typing habits in mind. Which, in the long run, is better for your posture and physical health. 

5. Additional Monitor

How annoying is it to switch between multiple tabs on your browser? Having an additional monitor is super helpful, as it removes the need to jump between different programs, tabs, and software. It also is super helpful for keeping track of different information, taking notes during meetings, and comparing data. An additional monitor really maximizes workflow and convenience. 

6. Mousepad With Wrist Support

Getting a mouse separate from your trackpad will save your hands, fingers, and wrists. Moving your finger around the trackpad is an unnatural movement for our hands, therefore getting a mousepad with a special cushion for your wrist will help keep them from cramping up.

7. Houseplants for Company

Houseplants not only brighten up the atmosphere of the surrounding room, but they also purify the air. Having greenery around your workstation will boost your mood and make your work area more enjoyable. There are many plants that are very low maintenance, require very little light, and need little water. For the average corporate busybody, these types of plants are perfect. For example, succulents and catci thrive on neglect, making them the ultimate addition to your remote office. 

8. Speaker for Background Music

Everyone loves working to some relaxing background music. The right type of music can help you zone in on your work, block out outside noise, and boost your mood! Having a speaker you can connect to via bluetooth will allow you to do just that! These music genres are especially great for boosting productivity and motivation:

  • Classical music
  • Nature sounds
  • Movie Soundtracks
  • Video game music

9. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Did you know that the blue light emitted by our computers and cellphones can be detrimental to our bodies? Blue light can disrupt the circadian rhythm which is crucial for quality sleep. As you may already know, the body heals itself during deep REM sleep, making it especially important to get at least 8+ hours of high-quality slumber. According to WebMD, blue light can also seriously affect your eye health. Looking at the screen for long periods of time can cause eyestrain, dryness, cataracts, and various other visual impairments. Thankfully, blue-light blocking lenses are now on the market and are widely available for everyone – including those without a need for prescription eyeglasses. 

10. Noise Canceling Headphones

The best way to get in the zone is with noise canceling headphones. They block out all unnecessary and unwanted noise, really allowing you to think clearly and without distractions. These are fantastic for meetings too, as they block out any interference from roommates or family members. Noise canceling headphones are also great when you want a moment to relax. You can step away from your desk, pop them on, and just close your eyes. Everyone needs a moment or two to decompress during the workday. 

Conclusion – 10 Essentials For Your Work From Home Office

A work from home office might be less stressful than commuting to an in-person office space every weekday, but there are still ways to make the experience as seamless as possible. With all the interesting office workout equipment on the market, neat assistive technology, and ergonomic furniture, your remote workspace will not only look good but be better for your overall health. There are so many interesting items and neat gadgets you can incorporate into your remote office to really make working from home the best experience it can be!


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