Designing our living spaces is more comfortable to plan and imagine than implementing it. We tend to overthink the design that suits our tastes. Unfortunately, that sometimes results in a chaotic environment in our living spaces. Leaning to the more minimalist room decor is often the way to go.

Being conservative and minimalist doesn’t always mean boring and dull. There are just things that need just a simple design to make it more pleasant to look at and comfortable to live in.

Here are some hacks that would create a simple yet elegant living space for you.

10 Design Hacks for a Minimalist Room

10 Design Hacks for a Minimalist Room

1. Selecting the Right Furniture

Selecting furniture sounds very easy but mind you it is a lot trickier than it seemed. In creating a minimalist room, you should choose furniture that is simple yet elegant in looks.

What’s really essential is the comfort of the piece. It is also applicable to your bedroom. For instance, if you wanted a minimalist type of bedroom, choose a simpler bed. Again, being simple doesn’t mean boring.

2. Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric

In choosing your upholstery fabrics, one might need to consider the design. One should choose those fabrics that are easily cleaned and maintained.

Chenille fabrics are the best for this type of application as these fabrics are very versatile, healthy, and very durable. Also, choose those designs that are not heavily patterned and colored. It would be wise to stick to the lighter colors.

3. Sticking to Your Color Scheme

10 Design Hacks for a Minimalist Room

As to choosing your colors, better stick with the lighter colors. Light colors don’t mean white. Choose blues and greens and other closer hues for your room as this will give you a light, airy and calmer feeling.

4. Reducing Items for a Minimalist Room

You might have a lot of articles or decorations in your room. Check those items on your side table and ask yourself if those things are vital. Sometimes over designing your room will make it look messy.

5. Put Extra Stuff in Storage

Some stuff is accessible by just putting it on our side table or any vacant space you have in your room. But to keep our living spaces minimal, you need to put those things in storage.

6. Air Enhancer for Health

One should have something like an air purifier or humidifier for your living spaces to be more comfortable while spending your time in it. For instance, in your bedroom, installing these will assure you get a good rest.

7. One Shelf for a Minimalist Room

Being conservative and minimalist doesn't always mean boring and dull. Leaning to the more minimalist room decor is often the way to go.

We discussed putting some of our outrageous things in storage, but what about those things close to hearts? You can choose the most important things you wanted to display and put it on just one shelf. With that, you can still admire those things yet avoid unnecessary clutter.

8. One Dresser for a Minimalist Room

This is most applicable to your bedroom. Some of us might have two or more dressers in our rooms. Try to assess if your clothing will just fit on one dresser. If it is possible then go for one dresser only.

9. Natural Lighting is Important

All of those key points above will be perfect if much of your lighting comes from outside. It is easy for us to admire our living spaces if we chave natural lighting. It also saves a lot of energy and space.

10. Made to Measure Curtains

One should also consider installing made to measure curtains as they made fit for your window instead of an oversized or undersized curtain that you can purchase. You can also choose a design that perfectly blends with the schemes that you have in your room. For example, if you purchase a curtain that’s not the right window size, it looks messy.

Another important thing that you need to consider following those hacks listed above is that cleanliness is Godliness. Whatever you put or make on your living spaces will be nothing if you can’t keep it clean.

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