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How Vintage Design Adds a Personal Touch

Vintage is a personal taste and can vary from traditional antiques to something with more of a retro feel and anything in between. Finding antiques to add to your collection adds a personal touch to your decorating style.  See what our readers are saying about where they found design inspiration for their favorite pieces in their homes and collection!

Victorian Charm

Diana Tenes and her husband live in a Victorian house built in 1904. “We are slowly restoring and refurbishing with vintage and antique items. We shop at second hand stores (thrift, resale and consignment), flea markets, EBay, freecycle.org, craigslist.org to find great, suitable items every day. We love antiques and vintage and know this is the best way to get what we like for our taste and budget.”

Janene Samuel tells us, “I absolutely love antiques! I would rather pay for an old piece any day than a new piece unless it is hand crafted! I am not always sure if my things match but I love them all the same!!”

Maggie Murphy wanted to share her Mom’s mad decorating skills.  “For the past 10 years, award-winning actress Wendy Crewson has lived in a 1913 Tudor-style home in Toronto’s Rosedale neighbourhood, where she has raised two children and studied many movie scripts, including The Vow and Winnie, both of which she stars in this year.”

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