Vintage Beach Decor Ideas

Vintage Beach Decor Ideas

Using a vintage look for your design inspiration can provide a sense of period style to just about any theme.  We adored these simple vintage decoration ideas that were implemented into a cozy beach house, bringing a bit of nostalgia into a home we would describe as having barefoot elegance.

We came across the following ideas from Carolyn Darragh of Desire Empire. She shared her design inspiration from her love of the beach, along with some great ideas to incorporate a vintage feel to beach decor.

Vintage Beach Decor Ideas

Use Vintage Nautical Pieces

A strategically placed vintage oar in the wall studs looks fabulous. Or use a basket as a coffee table. But be wary of using too much reproduction nautical. It may come across like you’re trying too hard. Using some replicated nautical design is fine, but be sure to mix in a few authentic vintage pieces.

Vintage Beach Art

Display a beautiful piece of coastal style art. Or make some of your own like the one above using some islander postcards and pegs with a thrifty frame.

Fill in with interesting coastal pieces and go big, even in a small space….the effect can be dramatic.

Use Blue Glass Bottles

Blue glass bottles have a reminiscent quality of the ocean and finding a mysterious message float up to your feet on the beach.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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