Interior Architecture Designed with Glass

I am claustrophobic and I believe that is why I am drawn to the translucency of glass, it keeps spaces visually more open. It doesn’t disrupt the architecture and only adds grace to it. The stairs made of glass can be seen as a work of art and allows you to almost see completely through them.

When I am collaborating on a project, be it a brand new home or a remodel, I like to offer suggestions of opening up the design by introducing more windows or glass doors. Even during the remodeling of my own home my husband questioned why I was wanting to take away from the budget by blowing out a small window to enlarge it with unobstructed commercial solid glass. I told him it would make the design special. When the window was removed during construction and the whole made bigger, he simply said, “You were right,” even before we added the actual glass. It made such a huge impact on the room and was worth the added cost.

Large windows allow us to bring the outside in and the inside out and for anyone like me that suffers from claustrophobia it’s the perfect cure!

Kitchen and Bath with Glass

Living in a coastal community in Florida, inspires me to design glass into my projects. Glass is almost sculpture like with the visual feel of water, and I treat it like a piece of art. This project had support columns that I had to design around. I am opposed to unsightly seams in my countertop designs. By creating a deliberate artistic break around the columns it became part of the design.

The original design of this space was three smaller rooms. I knocked out the walls and added glass windows and doors all around the room, opening up to the beautiful water view that surrounded this home. The glass countertop was the perfect material to bring the color of the water, inside the room, perfect for a Florida home.

Glass Furniture

The design of the 9 bunching tables creates a reflection of what is viewed through the window, the water and the beautiful landscaping beyond. Once again, the glass furniture helped me to bring the outside inside. It filled the space of the large living room without being overbearing.  Glass adds such a delicate touch!

Glass Technology

Glenn Greenberg owner of Elmont Glass, introduced me to switchable glass technology. Liquid crystal glass changes translucent glass, to clear glass in one second. This technology is perfect for bathroom applications. As I said previously I love big windows and with this technology I can have them in bathrooms as well, without giving up privacy when it is required.

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