Pool Designs – Keeping it Real

Water gives me a sense of peace and I know I must be near it. I have lived in Florida my whole life and when I am in a place that is landlocked I get a feeling of claustrophobia. I’m fine for short periods of time but, if I am there for too long I just wilt. The great thing about pools is that no matter where you live a pool could be the answer to unlocking you.

When my husband and I purchased our home in 2006 on the water I was thrilled. Not only did it have a pool, it also had Manatees swimming in the waterway.  During the remodeling phase, I insisted that the old kidney shaped swimming pool not to have a screen enclosure. Anytime I see a pool with a screen enclosure I cringe. A pool to me should be designed in the most natural of environments and opened to the sky.

Pool Designs

Pool Designs – Keeping it Real

The mosaic abstract stepping stones entwined with grass, compliment and give this pool design a natural organic style. The fountains offer the sound of running water which is also soothing and peaceful. When you are designing an outdoor space with a pool you should think of it as creating an outdoor experience.

The wrap around pool design gives an island feel to this home. Being surrounded by water would be amazing!

To me this pool should be named, the yin yang design. The palm tree island in the middle is the exclamation point to this design.

This zen-like home was one of the first residences to receive LEED certification at the Platinum level. I love it that all the materials surrounding the pool and patio space are all natural. I like to specify natural materials anytime I am designing an outdoor space, it is an absolute necessity to me as a designer.

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