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Yaheetech Dumbbell Product Review

Yaheetech Dumbbell Product Review

It is fun to try new things and as I was in the market for a set of dumbbells, the brand Yaheetech sent me their 30 kg/66lbs dumbbell set.
How to Select the Right Brush for a Fabulous Good Hair Day

What Type of Brush to Select for a Fabulous Good Hair Day

Having a good hair day does far more than just improve your looks. It also provides a valuable boost to your overall mood and wellbeing. There are endless tricks and tips online, from the right shampoo to lotions, potions, and tools. There…
5 Benefits of Rearranging Your Furniture For Less Stress

5 Benefits of Rearranging Your Furniture For Less Stress

Have you ever been so bored that you actually rearranged all the furniture in your home? Well, boredom is certainly one good reason to do it, but there are plenty of others. In fact, changing the layout of even one room in your home, never…
Are Diamonds Really a Girl’s Best Friend?

Are Diamonds Really a Girl’s Best Friend?

Yes! They are certainly my favorite gift from my man, but I am also a fan of any pretty bling that comes my way. Let's face it, what girl doesn't want to get the gift of jewelry from her love? Sometimes as women we read a lot into it, putting…

Tips to Secure Yourself and Your Things In Dorm Room Living

When you set off for college, you have big expectations of what life on campus is going to be. You envision your dorm mate becoming your BFF for life, but in reality living with someone you've just met can become quite a daunting experience.…
Choosing a French Door That Enhances Your Architecture

Choosing a French Door That Enhances Your Architectural Style

French doors add character and elegance to any style home. With lots of glass, they allow additional light and warmth into your home and provide a view to the outdoors. Whether your home is traditional with classic features or modern with simple,…

Made From the Sea, SeaQuarius Is A Natural Skin Care Choice

Living clean is a choice I make for my family and myself. My son Patrick was a victim of a bad pharmaceutical drug that almost cost him his life. Ever since that moment, I work hard at finding clean products without harmful toxins. We at DigThisDesign…

East End Market is BIG City Grass Roots Culture in The Middle of Orlando

Anytime DigThisDesign takes it on the road we try to seek out and find the grooviest spots on the map. We recently hit the road to attend the South East Builders Conference show in Orlando only to be unimpressed with the vendor attendance.…
Home Theater Design Ideas
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15 Beautiful Home Theater Design Ideas & The Technology To Make It Happen

Private home theaters are becoming more and more popular. You want comfort, appeal and high-quality sound and video components. If you want some inspiration for your home theater design ideas, keep reading to learn about 15 cool designs for…

FASHION DESIGNER Sabre Mochachino – Unplugged Interview

Stepping Out of The Box Most artist, I find, typically are not one dimensional, we are all out of the box thinkers. When I interview creative types I usually find that their interest spread across the arts, such as I reflect in DigThisDesign,…
3 Must Do's for Stylish & Organized Dorm Living

3 Must Do’s for Stylish & Organized Dorm Living

Making the most out of college dorm room storage space with smart organizers and a move-in plan. Stylish decor ideas for bland dorm rooms.

Room Décor That Integrates Your Dogs Comforts; 10 Dog Bed Design Ideas

My job is creating spaces that make people feel good and comfortable at the same time. When I am designing the interior for a home, I take into consideration everyone that lives there and their needs for comfort. A lot of times that involve…