When you set off for college, you have big expectations of what life on campus is going to be. You envision your dorm mate becoming your BFF for life, but in reality living with someone you’ve just met can become quite a daunting experience. Not to say it can’t be a good experience, but just enter into your new lifestyle with eyes wide open. You want to make sure that your world is secure, from your personal stuff, technology devices that hold your personal information, to your personal safety.

What You Need to Know About Dorm Room Living

What You Need to Know About Dorm Room Living

Personal Safety

Crime is up on campuses across the nation and it’s best to be proactive in securing your safety. Drinking too much and being intoxicated increases your chances of being a victim. If you do drink, it might be good to have a drink test kit. A drink test kit helps detect the presence of Ketamine and GHB (date rape drug). Test are usually sold with around 10 test strips that you can keep in your purse or pocket. You simply place drops of the beverage onto each strip and wait until dry. If any of the spots turn to a darker blue color, it is positive and I would recommend calling for help. You will need to follow manufacturers instruction with the kit you purchase.

Feeling secure in your bed while you sleep is important for a restful sleep. I recommend, for your added security, a portable panic alarm. UFO alarm is a multi-functional alarm system that can be used as a personal alarm, anti snatch, indoor, window, away alarm, drawer and a handy flashlight. You can buy multiple ones at a cost of only $30.00 per device.

Another item that could be life saving is the Kevlar Fire Blanket. Made of 65% Kevlar and 35% Nomex is tough yet soft, fire and heat resistant. It can be wrapped around you to aid in cooling the skin, and also shield you from airborne contaminates. By carefully draping over a flame source it can extinguish the fire and avoid a catastrophe. I highly recommend familiarizing yourself with the schools security systems. Be sure to locate all of the fire extinguishers and it’s not a bad idea to keep a small one in your room.

If you have a window in your dorm room, make sure you can keep peepers at bay. Window Privacy Dorm Security – Bamboo is an awesome product to block out voyeurs. It is removable and repositionable peel and stick method for securing your window visually. It also has a decorative bamboo motif that adds to your decor.

Securing Your Devices

We live in a world where all of our personal identity is stored on our personal devices, from our computer to our smart technology. It is super important to be sure and lock them down whenever they are not with you. Students are high risk for identity theft, according to a survey by Impulse Research for the Chubb Group insurance Cos. To not be vulnerable to this type of crime there are some simple things you can do to protect yourself. If you have a computer or electronic equipment make sure to tether it to something solid using security cable. Iron Brick Safe – Portable laptop/tablet safe is a good way to secure your portable devices. The cable needs to be secured around a non-movable object if not in your presence.

There is also software you can add to your Apple devices that will snap a photo of the person who stole your device and track the IP address anywhere in the world, information to hand over to the police. If you have another brand of device, you can use the Chipolo Tracking Tag. This is a Bluetooth item finder that connects with your smartphone to help you find lost items such as, laptop, backpack, keys, wallet handbag, all kinds of things you might misplace, loose or gets stolen. You should always have password access on your devices that would not allow someone to use them that didn’t know your code.

Securing Your Personal Items

You might find that your new roommate is a moocher, so it is best to be proactive about this until you get to know them. Moochers use your hair and makeup products thinking you won’t miss it. I recommend organizing your products by shower, makeup and sink products, that you will bring into the bathroom when you use them. College Girl Cosmetic Case, retails for $90.00 and is worth the price. It organizes your makeup for maximum storage, built to last and allows you to easily pick up and carry to and from the bathroom.

This might seem like overkill to you but, it will eliminate possible misunderstandings and give you time to get to know your roommate and develop trust. It takes time to set up yours, mine and what you all might want to share.

A college student already has plenty on their plate, including a variety of negative things from minor inconveniences to very real dangers that may happen with dorm living. I hope this post introduced you to new products you can use to protect yourself and your belongings in your new campus lifestyle.

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