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3 Must Do’s for Stylish & Organized Dorm Living

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Organize your stuff!

Before unpacking make sure you have a spot to put everything. You don’t want to add to your frustration by creating your own mess. When my son Philip was heading off to college, the first thing I did was find clever ways to organize in a small closet. I know from personal experience if I don’t have a place for my shoes I am just in a piss poor mood!



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Get smart hangers that decrease the bulk and allows you to hang multiple garments vertically. These hangers are perfect for shorts, skirts, and pants.




Don’t forget to bring your dresser drawer organizers, they are a must for maximizing the limited drawers you are allotted. Using the hangers I suggested above will open up what closet space is available to you for other things such as shoes, jeans, etc. When organizing your closet, think VERTICAL STORAGE solutions, you’ve got plenty of length, but not enough width.


Dorm Organization tips


The loft bed design.


Raising your bed off the floor can give you full use of your floor space. Build a frame that will support the weight of your bed, I suggest get professional advice on this because safety comes first! One end of the bed should be at the wall and the open end is perfect for shelving, creating support and useful storage. Now, below your bed is where you can create a spot for your desk, using all the available space.



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If you don’t have the height you need to create the desk design shown above then raises enough to use it for accessible storage.


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Make it your own!

Pop your style with simple accents, be it your signature color, art that makes you smile…accents that say YOU! Carve out your little niche in your space that you can decorate giving you a sense of home away from home feel.


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