In college being limited to a small space in your dorm room isn’t ideal, but you can spice it up with your own personal decor, utilize your space potential, and use colors and creativity to make it a space that is both functional and enjoyable.

You can hide your bed in small space, use bright colors, or if your room affords more space why not throw two beds in there.

Be Bold In Designing Your Dorm Room

Hide Your Bed Away

Small space is usually the issue in dorm rooms, but if your bed is truly just a place to sleep, why not find a creative way to hide it away during your waking and functioning hours?

Here’s an idea? Use a Murphy bed to hide the beds in your dorm room. You’ll have the room you need and “making the bed” takes one little push and the mess is hidden away!

A room can be quite clever in hiding the fact that behind the desk and wall is actually the rooms bed. It’s hiding in the wall and no one who came in would be the wiser until it’s lights out, but even when the beds pulled down it still looks good in the room!

Use Bold and Bright Colors

If your space is limited why not go a little wild and make the room yours by using a bold or bright color?  There’s nothing like claiming your space by using color and setting whatever mood it is you desire.

You can design a dorm room that is very bold with it’s deep blue on the walls and the contrast of orange makes it feel youthful, bright, and invigorating.  While the room is smaller it certainly doesn’t lake personality.  When you walk in here you get a good idea of what the owner is like.

Or, use an orange and white contrast for a feminine air. It’s uses the small space nicely with two different colors to create a division in the room, but a very strong feminine energy is also present.

Use Two Beds

Even if space doesn’t necessarily afford it, using creative ways to put your own bed in your dorm space is the best way to integrate the comfort of home in your new study haven. A real bed in a shared dorm isn’t typical, but it can be done.

Some dorm rooms use every inch of it’s space available, with the shelves, the television, the beds, and even the door is nearly hidden by all of the space used in the room. This type of room is a double whammy because it also hides the beds in the wall to open the room for activities.

A double bed room uses a small space well. High beds gives storage underneath and each of the beds being smashed against the wall opens up the middle of the room so there is more space. It gives you as much of the comfort of home as you can have so far away.

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