Great Girls Dorm Room Inspirations


Small spaces to be creative in are definitely a challenge, but they can also inspire ideas you’d never have initially thought of.  Summer is almost over and kids are heading off to school to their first dorm rooms.  Here are some tips on designing a girl’s dorm room.

Great Girls Dorm Room Inspirations

Bunk Beds

Bunks are a great way to save space in a small room, either with a two person with someone below, or as a single with space for storage underneath.  They might be the most common way to decorate a dorm room and small space, but there are variations of inspiration!

This singular bunk doubles as a bed and a desk.  Shelves are used in the room and while there is all kinds of items in the room it feels open and spacious, even in the small afforded space.

This colorful bunk inspiration gives off the feminine uniqueness, while making the room also spacious with a couch below the bunk to either study, socialize, or maybe even smooch!

Storage Space

Whether you’ve been lucky enough to have a single dorm room or sharing, space is still an important factor and find creative and attractive to store your belongings is a genius way to utilize space.

Shelves and drawers anywhere you can put them is a great way to maximize the small space a dorm room allows, and for girls, we tend to have twice as much stuff as guys!

This playful girls dorm room is smart with boards, wall calendars, but also shelves, and storage underneath the bed.  Meanwhile, the room is still modern and attractive!

Have Fun With Ceiling Decorations

Girls may have a ton of clothes, accessories, and stuff that men don’t even begin to understand, but we also love for things to look beautiful, fun, or playful, and with school being so intense with pressure, coming back to study in a fun room could make that space so much more relaxing.

This brightly decorated girls dorm room has a playful decor with flowers, bright colors, and since the wall and floor space is limited, the decorations find themselves hanging to make that mark of uniqueness.

When a girls dorm space tends to seem cramped or every corner used for storage or furniture it’s hard to make a personal space of decorating, but the ceiling is a place not regularly used to store, so why not decorate and these fun and playful lights featured below are a great inspiration.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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