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cool blue color boy's dorm room multi use furniture and accessories

Small spaces to be creative in are certainly difficult to work with, but they can also end up being some of the best ideas you ever had for a design.  Summer is almost over and kids are heading off to school to their first dorm rooms.  Here are some idea’s on how to set up a boys decor.


Bunks are a great way to save space in a small room, either with a two person with someone below, or as a single with space for storage underneath.  They might be the most common way to decorate a dorm room and small space, but there are variations of inspiration!

This singular bunk doubles as a bed and a desk.  Shelves are used in the room and while there is all kinds of items in the room it feels open and spacious, even in the small afforded space.

cool blue color boy's dorm room multi use furniture and accessories

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Four bunks in this room!  Yes, sometimes your broke college student has to quadruple up, but that does not mean it has to be an eye sore.  The bright colors in this room lighten in up and all the beds fit without it feeling cluttered.


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Double Beds

If you are lucky enough to have space to afford then why not have two beds? Not all college students are limited to small space, and if you have the open room why not?

This beautiful room with the brick wall contrasting, great natural lighting makes this double bedded room a comfortable and inviting space to sleep and to study.


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Whether you’ve been lucky enough to have a single dorm room or sharing, space is still an important factor and have a trundle bed that actually stores your belongings is a genius way to utilize space.

This room is not particularly large, but the storage under the bed, the big window, bright painted colors, and the minimalism the room is decorated with make it all work.


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This room is certainly small, but this boys dorm has smart shelving and usage of desk, but the trundle bed was even more brilliant so no dresser was necessary, with a beautiful large window to open it out.


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