FASHION DESIGNER Sabre Mochachino – Unplugged Interview


Stepping Out of The Box

Most artist, I find, typically are not one dimensional, we are all out of the box thinkers. When I interview creative types I usually find that their interest spread across the arts, such as I reflect in DigThisDesign, I talk about ALL things design, not just interior design which is my profession by trade. I like to surround myself with non-stagnate thought and that’s why I wanted to bring one of my favorite fashion designers to my audience to learn ALL about the FABULOUS Sabre Mochachino!

Mommy Mochachino

Sabre credits all his success to his mother. A beautiful lady, who set an example for all her children, to believe in God and follow your heart which is evident in my interview with Sabre. His positive heart shines through his every word and will spread a motivational spirit to all that listens.

Why Not Be…Fabulous?

Sabre tips the scale a little into street fashion, introducing his T-shirt, “Why Not Be… Fabulous?” We asked him why a T-shirt, because it was so different to his upscale fashions and his answer was FABULOUS!

Mochachino Aqua Collection Showing in Miami During Swim Week

I was a smidgen bummed out to hear that the show was just for the boys, because I LOVE Sabre’s swimwear for the gals. Sabre will be sharing the runway with the famous, Andrew Christian, known for men’s underwear and swimwear.

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