Having a good hair day does far more than just improve your looks. It also provides a valuable boost to your overall mood and wellbeing. There are endless tricks and tips online, from the right shampoo to lotions, potions, and tools. There is one secret, however, which has a huge positive impact on your overall look and that is to make sure you have the right hairbrush.

It may sound like a small change, but using the right type of brush for your hair makes a difference in the quality and style of your do. The trick is to make sure that your hair type, and the brush you choose, are on the same page. So, keep reading because this could be your undiscovered secret to a good hair day – every day.

How to Select the Right Brush for a Good Hair Day

Good Hair Day

Thick Hair

One of the major priorities to consider if you have thick hair is to ensure that the teeth and bristles are widely spaced. This makes it easier for the brush to move through your hair and reduce tangles or pulling. Moreover, this is especially important if your hair is long.

Paddle brushes tend to be a popular choice for this hair type, as they offer plenty of space. Most importantly, large-barrel round brushes are perfect for styling, as they add body and movement without dragging or damaging the hair.

However, take extra care when dealing with thick hair when it is wet. A wide-toothed comb should be the first tool you reach for. This will remove any knots and tangles safely and is a crucial step to reduce damage to your hair.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is often the most coveted of hair types, but it can require extra care and attention to keep it looking its best. Again, use a wide-toothed comb for the initial detangle, and this will help to make drying more manageable.

Over-brushing results in the hair losing body and becoming flat, and there is an increased risk of frizz if you brush your hair when it is dry. A boar bristle brush can help to combat this, as it distributes the natural oils from the scalp throughout the hair, and this helps to add shine without becoming frizzy.

Good Hair Day

A ceramic barrel brush is a popular choice for styling, as this material tends to pick up less static while smoothing the cuticle of the hair, both aspects which can also reduce the chances of hair becoming dry and frizzy., while still creating stunning style.

Overall, a good paddle brush is the best pick for wavy hair; this allows you to balance smooth, sleek style with a gentle detangling and helps to keep your hair in good condition for longer. Once again, it is best if you chose wider-spaced teeth, in addition to boar bristles to help create the ultimate sophistication with plenty of shine.

Flat Hair

Flat hair is challenging to manage and is the despair of many. Many guides will advise plenty of volumizing and styling products, as well as extras, including curlers and gadgets, to add height and volume. While these are useful, a great hairbrush is the building block to success and choosing the right type has a considerable impact on the quality and overall look of your hair.

Having a good hair day

The trick with fine hair is to be as gentle as possible. By its nature, this hair type is susceptible to breakages, and rough treatment causes long term damage, which leaves the surface of your hair looking dull and rough. To prevent this, choose a brush with thin bristles, placed closer together than a paddle brush. This reduces the tugging and pulling on your hair and allows the bristles to move more smoothly. However, avoid boar bristles because too much oil can leave flat strands looking heavy and even flatter, and this can only exacerbate the problem. Instead, try a thin, gentle, nylon bristle to add height and movement without building up oils.

A good quality teasing brush is a must for flat hair because it adds body and volume to the roots. Additionally, it makes all the difference if you want to set your style and add movement. Again, make sure you choose high-quality bristles and try to be gentle when brushing to avoid long-term damage and splits.

Thin Hair

Thin hair might leave you feeling self-conscious, but with the right brush, you can stand tall and rock your style. As with flat hair, use gentle handling to get the most out of thin hair, as it breaks and damages very easily. A good round barrel can be a lifesaver when drying your hair, allowing you to lift the hair away from the roots and add body and volume easily without tugging.

Boar bristles do work for thin hair but make sure you pick a finer version, rather than the coarse bristles preferred for super thick or wavy hair. This allows you to get the condition and oil you need without weighing down the strands. This is a great alternative to heavy conditioning products, which tend to leave hair looking greasy.

Once again, a wide-tooth comb is imperative for detangling wet hair and is the first step in any drying or styling. This is especially important for thin hair, which very easily snaps.

Making a seemingly small change to your hair care routine has a massive impact on the overall quality, appearance, and condition of your hair. By making sure that the hairbrush you choose aligns closely with your hair type, you easily nourish and style your locks in a way that is the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Here’s to your good hair day – every day!

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