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5 Benefits of Rearranging Your Furniture For Less Stress

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Have you ever been so bored that you actually rearranged all the furniture in your home? Well, boredom is certainly one good reason to do it, but there are plenty of others. In fact, changing the layout of even one room in your home, never mind the whole house, can do a world of good. Let’s look at 5 benefits of rearranging your furniture that you might not have thought about before.


You’re Giving the Space a Free Makeover




You don’t need to completely remodel a room and spend a lot doing it to make the space feel different or look more appealing. It doesn’t require a lot of money at all. In fact, it can be accomplished completely free.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference moving a bed or a couch to the other side of a room can make. It can improve the lighting when you’re lounging around reading a book. It can even make accessing certain other things, such as a table or bookshelf easier without getting up. So, it can definitely make things more convenient, depending on how bad the room layout was before you started. This is where careful and honest consideration of how you want to use the room and the resources available come into play. Take a look at how I rearranged these client’s small and narrow family room to be much more functional and feel bigger, all without a remodel.


You Can Actually Make Yourself Feel Happier

You might not think so, but if you’re bored with the layout of your home then it can actually make you feel depressed or tired all the time. It’s a subtle (but sometimes not so subtle) thing that adds up over time to really drag down your mood. Revitalizing and rearranging a room can actually make you feel revitalized as well. Even if you are the type of person who likes routine, a little change will do your mind a lot of good once in a while. Colors, for example, play a vital role in how we feel about the rooms we interact with; we have an article on how color affects our mood. Try it. You’re likely to be amazed by the results.


Rearranging Gives You an Incentive to Donate and Declutter


Eclectic Family Room by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Hudson Interior Design


When a room stays a certain way for years, it’s easy for it to start looking more like a storage unit. Are the clothes starting to pile up in your bedroom? Do you have too many knickknacks in your living room cabinets? Has clutter become a problem? Well then it’s definitely time for a change. I knew I had to do something about the 20-something years worth of design plans I needed to purge.

As you rearrange the furniture in the room, you will be forced to sort through all of your clutter. After all, it has to be moved before you can move that chair or couch across the floor. As you start to sort out your clutter, you might even find some things to pass on to family members or donate to a local charity. That can give you a sense of accomplishment, and you’ll feel better knowing that your clutter has become another person’s useful item.


You’ll be Better Able to Organize What You Keep


Traditional Closet by Chapel Hill Design-Build Firms Will Johnson Building Company


Once you rearrange and remove all of the excess clutter from any given room, you’ll be able to easily organize the items you plan on keeping. For example, if your bedroom is usually a sea of laundry, discard or donate items you don’t wear anymore. The remaining clothing should easily fit into your dressers and closets. In a family room or children’s playroom, getting rid of old toys will allow the favorites to fit into toy boxes and shelves.

Remember that the trick to organizing anything is to first group like things together. Then decide how much space you need for those items and find an appropriate place to store them. Also, remember that there are ways to easily create extra storage in any room. For example, consider getting an ottoman to put your feet on that also opens up. That way you can store things like television remotes and magazines out of sight and out of reach of kids and pets until you need them.


Your Family Will be Healthier and Safer




A final thing to keep in mind is that rearranging the family can actually keep your family healthier and safer. Think about all of the dirt and debris that can accumulate under couches and beds when they aren’t moved frequently. When all of that is cleaned on a regular basis, the air quality in your home is sure to improve. That’s definitely one of the best reasons to give a space a new layout.

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