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Room Décor That Integrates Your Dogs Comforts; 10 Dog Bed Design Ideas


My dogs find comfort in every room…

My job is creating spaces that make people feel good and comfortable at the same time. When I am designing the interior for a home, I take into consideration everyone that lives there and their needs for comfort. A lot of times that involves their pets too, and I get that because my dogs are a very big part of my family.

What makes my dogs comfortable is being with me; they follow me around the house tirelessly. Whatever room I am in they settle into that room as well. In my home, I have made sure my dogs have a comfortable place to lay down in each room I spend  a lot of time in.

My poodle Griffin and my Maltese, McGuire, have taken ownership over my bed which I allow, due to the fact that they don’t shed. It was important for me to make a safe entrance and exit out of my bed. This custom ramp, covered in carpet is the perfect solution and includes a safe room they can also go in if they feel the need.



My work room is where I spend the majority of my working hours and my furry friends surround me with love. If ever I need reassurance that I am loved I just look around and soon enough I will be surrounded with wagging tails and tons of unconditional love.






My family and I love a good movie night and so do the pooches. Each has their own little bed that they can cozy up on and simply enjoy sharing space with us!






More designer dog bed ideas…


Everybody needs a space they can call their own, with their own things near them. I loved this built in storage above the babies’ beds, it works perfectly for organizing each dogs’ needs.




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This is a great idea for small rooms, where space is tight. When the pet is not using it you can close it up and create more floor space.



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Sweet dreams knowing your pet is right beside you. This is an awesome idea and gives your dog the feeling of being in your bed but, keeping the dog hair out.






I live in Florida and that includes spending lots of time in my outdoor spaces. My dogs are certainly a part of our outdoor world as well so I think this is a good solution for creating a comfortable bed while shading them from the harsh UV sun rays.




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Two story houses sometimes have spaces under the stairs that are perfect for a custom dog bed design. You can see this one puts your pouch right in the thick of activities, being located right off the kitchen.




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I recently got rid of my sports car so I could take my bulldog DIVA with me because she is always ready to go! I thought this was a great idea to create a safe space in the back seat of a car, that gives your pet a view of the outside and positions them close to you.




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Along with being an interior designer, I am also a certified kitchen and bath designer so, you know I appreciated the kitchen island with the dog bed design below. I can’t wait to implement this design into my next dog lover’s kitchen space.




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