This is a sponsored post on behalf of the brand Yaheetech and their product for me to review. This post was written by me and are 100% my opinions.

I am someone who believes it is very important to maintain a healthy mind and body throughout your lifetime. I am a mom, wife, designer, and influencer for the design industry, speaker, along with being a yogi. I have learned that the busiest times can also be the toughest times but I have been able to find my strength and peace through exercising and staying healthy. It is always fun to try new things and as I was in the market for a set of dumbbells, the brand Yaheetech sent me a 30 kg/66lbs dumbbell set to try out and review, so here are my thoughts.

Dumbbell Product Review for Your Healthy Lifestyle

Photography by Ashley Edwards

What’s included.

As you see in the picture, this set comes with (4) 5.5lbs weights, (4) 4.4lbs weights, (4) 3.3lbs weights, and (4) 2.8lbs weights, (2) dumbbell bars, and (5) spinlock collars in case you lose one. These weights are great because they are covered with plastic making them impact-resistant, the spinlock collars are also plastic along with the side ends of the bars.

Photography by Ashley Edwards

What I love.

This product was so easy to put together, no instructions needed! I love the simplicity, durability, material, and adjustability that comes within the dumbbells. It is very convenient in my home because my 6’4” husband and I (5’4”) can both use the dumbbells for our at-home workout routines, which became the norm during the pandemic because they are adjustable. 

In addition, they are small enough so I don’t have to keep them in one room. I love doing poolside yoga on a weekend morning and sometimes I like to add a workout to it. What’s nice is that I can easily transport the weights and bar from my workout room to the outside area. This is especially great for using only the weight for a nice abdominal crunch session.

Photography by Ashley Edwards

How they can be used.

Dumbbells are very versatile. In fact, you can use them for chest workouts, bicep workouts, dorsal muscle workouts, and abdominal muscle training. The dumbbell adjustable weights allow you to always be comfortable in your routine. It also allows you to use the number of pounds that best suit you. What’s more, this follows their brand principle which is to make your life comfortable.

Photography by Ashley Edwards

In conclusion.

It is our hope that our readers continue to follow a path of healthy living that includes weight training. If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments below. Also below are links that take you to more fantastic articles about ALL things DESIGN for your home or business.

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