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Bring the Warmth of Cinnamon into Your Home

3 Ways to Bring the Warmth of Cinnamon into Your Home

Cinnamon is a warm, spicy herb, the mere mention of which warms everyone's heart. It's almost impossible to think about it without thoughts of a warm, sweet dessert by a cozy fire. As a result, this color is a big endorphin booster for…
How to Create a Brighter Home Interior
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5 Tips for a Brighter Home Interior

With summer well on its way, why not take the time to create a brighter home interior to relax in after a day spent outside in the sun? This year, welcome sunlight into your home and transform your interior to create the perfect summer haven.…
Affordable Bathroom Hacks

Affordable Bathroom Hacks: 5 Tips to Boost Your Budget

Is your bathroom lacking in character and in desperate need of a renovation? Luckily, there are affordable bathroom hacks you can use, regardless of the size of your budget! From elegant wall fixtures to convenient ventilation options, there…
Pantone Color Intelligence Report

Pantone Fall Color Picks & What is the Color Forecast For 2018?

If you are a designer of anything then you are familiar with Pantone Inc. A corporation that is known for its Pantone Matching System used in a variety of industries from printing to fabrics as a color chart used for matching finishes.…
Color Trends

Color Trends Relate to Personality Traits, Which One Are You?

Now that 2017 is halfway over, it’s time to consider which color trends for interior and exterior design we can expect to continue into 2018. At the beginning of the year, some predicted that the colors for 2017 could be divided into three…
5 Tips to Putting Together Exterior Color Schemes
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Choosing Home Exterior Color Schemes

There is no better way to update the look of your home than giving your home a fresh coat of paint. While not as expensive as a total home remodel, a new coat of paint will add to your home’s curb appeal and will help protect its exterior.…
Colorful fruit at La Boqueria food market in Barcelona

The Many Colors of La Boqueria Food Market in Barcelona, Spain

I was recently invited to Spain by Cosentino Group, the world leader in quartz and natural stone surfaces. I had never been to Spain, so I was ecstatic about the opportunity to research quality products and experience the country all in one!…
Al Fresco Dining

Styles and Tips for Al Fresco Dining

Summertime urges us to spend time outside enjoying warm weather and the beauty that nature has to offer with those we love. When I think of dining al fresco, scenes of the lush countryside come to mind. Here are 3 basic elements needed to achieve…

Made From the Sea, SeaQuarius Is A Natural Skin Care Choice

Living clean is a choice I make for my family and myself. My son Patrick was a victim of a bad pharmaceutical drug that almost cost him his life. Ever since that moment, I work hard at finding clean products without harmful toxins. We at DigThisDesign…

FASHION DESIGNER Sabre Mochachino – Unplugged Interview

Stepping Out of The Box Most artist, I find, typically are not one dimensional, we are all out of the box thinkers. When I interview creative types I usually find that their interest spread across the arts, such as I reflect in DigThisDesign,…
3 Must Do's for Stylish & Organized Dorm Living

3 Must Do’s for Stylish & Organized Dorm Living

Making the most out of college dorm room storage space with smart organizers and a move-in plan. Stylish decor ideas for bland dorm rooms.
satchels gainesville florida junk museum wall art repurpose


JUNK is ART, just ask Satchel, the owner of SATCHEL'S pizza and The LIGHTNIN' SALVAGE ENTERPRISES. My husband Lee and I found this unique pizza joint during a really challenging time in our life. Our oldest son Patrick was at Shands hospital…