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3 Ways to Bring the Warmth of Cinnamon into Your Home

3 Ways to Bring the Warmth of Cinnamon into Your Home

Cinnamon is a warm, spicy herb, the mere mention of which warms everyone’s heart. It’s almost impossible to think about it without thoughts of a warm, sweet dessert by a cozy fire. As a result, this color is a big endorphin booster for many people.

The most well-known version is a deep reddish brown. However, after an online search, I think there are those designers who have their own favorite shades of cinnamon. Never-the-less, my curiosity compelled me to search for cinnamon as a color scheme for a few different types of rooms.

It’s a strong color, so less daring people only use it as an accent. However, if its a big statement you want, this color will do that for you. Below are three rooms designed with cinnamon in their color scheme.

Cinnamon in Your Home Decor
• 3 Rooms for Inspiration

Dining Room Wall

One wall painted in cinnamon warms this entire scene. The warm wall is brought down to earth by the large green leafy plants on either side and the big Moroccan style statement mirror. The layers of textures are amazing starting with the stone floor and the patterned area rug.

Cinnamon Dining Room Walls

Image Source

Kitchen Cabinets

Check out these perfect cherry cabinets that sport a rich cinnamon color in this modern kitchen. This room makes a quiet statement of serenity with the earthy green walls and multi-colored rugs. The cabinets blend well with the black marble countertop. They also make a nice contrast with the natural lighter tone of the hardwood floor.

Cinnamon Kitchen Cabinets Cinnamon Colored Wood

Image Source

A Young Man’s Bedroom

What young man wouldn’t love this room? With its striking walls accented with white ceiling and trim, this room has an ethnic flair. The neutral colors and patterns in the area rug soften the stark contrast between the black bedroom set and the cinnamon walls.

Cinnamon Bedroom Walls

Image Source

Do you like these inspirations with their warm cinnamon? If the answer is yes, then I recommend that you continue your search to bring this earthy color into your home. First, find your favorite shade and then decide where it will look best in your home. I wish you the best of success as you add the color cinnamon to the interior design of your home.

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