How to Spark an Elegance Factor in Your Living Room

5 Ways to Spark the Elegance Factor in Your Living Room

Do you feel a strong compulsion to increase the elegance factor in your living room? The most expensive and easiest way is to hire an interior designer. However, if that doesn't fall within your budget, or you want to have a go at interior…
Healthier Home Environment Through Design
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A Healthier Home: 4 Simple Remodeling Tips

Your home is your sanctuary and having a healthy home is important for your well being. A well-kept space gives you the time to recharge and helps boost the systems in your body. Remodeling projects, like reshaping your space and getting rid…
Living Room Makeover; 4 Tips to Achieve Success
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Living Room Makeover; 4 Tips to Achieve Success

When you’re making your living room a more comfortable space, choosing what matters most with your living room makeover helps reduce the number of things to do. There are as many different styles for a living room as there are different tastes,…
3 Considerations for a Comfortable Living Room Design
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Living Room Design, 3 Things Needed for Comfort

Which room do you spend the most time in your house? We’d probably suggest it’s either the bedroom or the kitchen. For some lucky people, it’s the living room. Everyone needs a comfortable living room design. We all know that the internal…
Different Types of Living Room Furniture
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Living Room Furniture – Choosing the Best Seating

There are many thoughts that go through a homeowner's mind when they decide to design or redecorate their living room. What kind of color palette to choose? Is it a good idea to mix paint and wallpaper? What style of living room furniture is…
How to Create a Minimalist Living Room
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Minimalist Living Room – Affordable & Stylish Ideas

Living rooms tend to get cluttered pretty quickly. They’re where we entertain our guests, watch television and, sometimes, eat our meals. You might find yourself getting sick of your living room surroundings, especially if there's pointless…
Design Tips That Promote Relaxation
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Your Home Design Should Stimulate Relaxation

Life can be incredibly stressful. We work, study, and raise our families, sometimes all at the same time. This means it’s more important than ever that you keep your home stress-free. Your home needs to be a place you can relax, chill out,…
Home Improvement -7 Wow-Worthy Ideas
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Home Improvement -7 Wow-Worthy Ideas

When you have been living in your home for years without making any changes, it is not uncommon to start hating the look of your home. Nobody wants to live in a dated home, especially one that is no longer as functional as you would like it…
5 Ways Roman Shades are a Great Choice
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5 Benefits for Choosing Roman Shade Window Treatments

Roman shades are the simplest and most practical window treatments that accent the interior while providing levels of privacy from noisy neighbors and bright sun’s rays. The piece of fabric is actually mounted on the window and is pleated…
Fall Decorating - Fall windowsill decor.
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Fall Decorating – Mantels and Windowsills

Living in Florida, there really isn't a need for a fireplace and they are always the perfect place for seasonal decorating. What I do have is a big plate glass window with a long windowsill that I use in place of a mantel for my fall decorating.…
Fall Tablescapes with a Twist
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Fall Tablescapes Done NOT so Typical!

I strive to do things a little out of the box while at the same time keeping the traditions alive. Fall tablescapes are traditionally done in fall colors, deep shades of oranges, reds, and browns but, this year I am seeing a bit of a twist…
Home Décor Ideas
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Home Décor – It’s All In The Details

Home Décor Ideas Our homes are made up of finishes that many people do not think matter when it comes to home décor however they matter a lot. What really makes a room design special are the little details and today's post talks about…