Home Décor Ideas
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Home Décor – It’s All In The Details

Home Décor Ideas Our homes are made up of finishes that many people do not think matter when it comes to home décor however they matter a lot. What really makes a room design special are the little details and today's post talks about…
Creating Sophistication with White Walls
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Painted White Walls Let You Pop Inspirations

Keeping It White Painted white walls create the perfect canvas for things you want to showcase. All colors show well in a white room by allowing you to design the attitude of the room. Let's explore different ways to achieve the desired…
Master Bedroom Lighting
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Master Bedroom Lighting – How To Get It Right

When lighting any room of your home you want to think about the activities that will take place in the room and design the lighting to accommodate them. I believe a layered lighting approach is the best way to light a master bedroom due…
Summer Home Decorating
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9 Easy Home Decorating Ideas for Summer

Summers are a great time to freshen up your home appearance. With that said, house decor during summers is an exciting, but a time-consuming task. However, it does not always have to be expensive. By getting creative, you can easily turn the…
Designing Your Bedroom
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Dream Bedroom – A Guide to Creating Yours

Bedrooms never seem to come out on top of the priorities list when redecorating your home. Living rooms and kitchens are social hubs of the house, where you entertain guests and spend time as a family. But it is important to have a comfortable…
The Art of Mix and Match Design
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Tips on Mix and Match Design

One of the great things about the current trend for mix and match design is that it is eminently flexible. This is a useful bonus if you like to stay stylish but don’t want to spend a fortune on a design fad, only to find it goes out of fashion…
Closet Designs - 5 Designs That Work
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Closet Designs – Over the Top!

Closet Designs - 5 Designs That Work The Exhibitionist If you are a neat freak and want to show your stuff then this design might work well for you. Actually, the point of this design is to create a visual expansion of the room. If you…
Summer Bedroom Decorating
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Summer Bedroom Decorating Tips

With the arrival of summer, it immediately lifts your mood and puts a spring in your step. This makes it the perfect time to give your bedroom a summer makeover, and you will be amazed at the impact that this can have on how you feel each day.…
Bring BIG Style to Your Small Spaces
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Bring BIG Style to Your Small Spaces

To achieve home design perfection, every corner of your house or apartment should scream you—it should tell your story and exude your taste. That includes even small corners of your home. Small spaces are notoriously difficult to…
The Purpose of Box Springs

Is a Box Spring Necessary?

People are often wary of add-ons being suggested to their purchases, worried that they're just trying to be sold on something mostly for the benefit the company’s bottom line. Box springs, for example, are sometimes seen as an extraneous…
Person laying down on a memory foam mattress to test spine alignment and comfort.

Is a Memory Foam Mattress The Right Fit For You; Pros and Cons

Some people are huge fans of memory-foam mattresses while others aren’t so sure. One thing everyone has in common, however, is that they want to get a good night of sleep, especially if they are troubled by spotty shut-eye or even insomnia.…
Why Go Organic with Your Mattress and Bed Linens

Why Go Organic with Your Mattress and Bed Linens?

Considering the amount of time that you spend in bed, the purchase of a good quality mattress should represent an investment that you take the time to research. After all, the wrong mattress can leave you with an aching back, headaches, tingling…