Closet Designs - 5 Designs That Work

Closet Designs – 5 Designs That Work

The Exhibitionist

If you are a neat freak and want to show your stuff then this design might work well for you. Actually, the point of this design is to create a visual expansion of the room. If you have a small bedroom and want to visually create a larger looking space the glass wall and doors will do this. If you divide the closet with a wall then visually you reduce the size of the room. The glass wall concept can be a really cool look if you have an organized, color coordinated closet. This design is not for the person that just takes off their clothes or shoes and tosses them inside, that would be an eye-sore.

Closet Designs - 5 Designs That Work

The Personal Cave

I personally love the idea of creating a woman cave in my closet. I can not think of anything better than surrounding myself with my most cherished treasures. This type of closet is about designing it with your personality, it should say you. Design it with your favorite colors and funky style, it’s your woman cave!

Behind Closed Doors

This style is very formal and meant to be integral to the room, not look like a closet. If you are designing your storage  behind decorative doors you could literally not even have a separate room for it. You could design this type of closet on your bedroom walls especially if you have a large room.

The Shoe Diva

Like most girls I love my shoes and my purses. The open shelf design is perfect for a shoe or purse collection. It is nice for making a selection and displaying your collectibles. The contrasting wall really helps to focal point the colorful shoes. You also want to make sure you light the shelves correctly in order to view them all well.

The Island Design

Just like kitchen islands, closet islands add efficiency to the design. If you have a large space you can design an island with drawers for lingerie, jewelry, and seating.

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