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Our homes are made up of finishes that many people do not think matter when it comes to home décor however they matter a lot. What really makes a room design special are the little details and today’s post talks about what you can do to step up your home interior design to the next level.

Living Room Decorating Ideas

The windows in your living room are so important in letting natural light into a room and we all know that we enjoy natural light as it improves our mood. If you are in the design phase of building a home or even remodeling your home, you might be able to alter the window design to change the whole dynamics of the room. My husband and I purchased a 1970’s ranch style home and the first thing we did was replace the living room window with new clear glass windows and the kitchen window was enlarged bringing the view of the outside inside. Not only does this add happy light into the rooms, it also sets up the perfect window-sill to decorate for every season. If you are concerned with the harmful effects of too much sunlight entering your home you might want to consider,  LLumar Window Film from SolarTex, Inc.

Trim and Molding Details

Most homes have at least some sort of wood in them, whether it’s the floor, furniture, the baseboards, window or door casing. Traditionally, wood is typically painted or stained for a more natural finish but, why not take it outside the box with a distressed aged finish? If this seems too extreme to do it throughout the whole house you might want to consider doing it in your bedroom, creating a more custom shabby chic feel.

Many interior designers use chalk paint for this. Because of the chalk, the wood does not need to be sanded down to such an extreme level before it’s painted. This makes the task a lot quicker and easier. It’s also possible to apply wax before painting the pieces, to leave gaps in the finish, which then give it that particular shabby chic look.

To add to this decorating style you might want to find some vintage chandeliers you can refurbish and hang on either side of the bed. I love the bedroom chandelier look, it’s right on trend!

Interior Wall Décor

Traditionally the walls have been the focus of a lot of home décor. Whether it’s wallpaper, paint or framed pictures. As a designer, I can look at a wall and it tells me what it needs. Now, I know not everybody’s mind works like that and if it did I would be out of a job. There are tips a DIYer can do to help them know what a wall needs or if it needs anything at all. Room design is about balance and you do not want to be out of balance by adding too much to your walls. This would become distracting and not pleasing to the eye. Depending on what room you are designing there might be a focal point like the television or a fireplace. Both of these focal points are a great place to add built-in shelving around which allows you to display pictures and accessories strategically, to decorate the room.

If you don’t have a focal point then that is what you need to start with, perhaps by placing a large picture on the wall. Once you have a focal point it is easier to build off of that and it’s a good starting point to help you find the right balance.

Another way to add a focal point to a room is with a signature wall and a good way to do that is with wallpaper. Wallpaper is trending and for good reason. Due to technology, wallpaper today comes in so many looks and textures, from digital images to metals and glass, creating a whole new look and feel to room décor.

Flooring Trends

Most people are opting for less decorative flooring in home décor. There seems to be a trend for hardwood, stone and porcelain tile creating a calmer impact to the room, more like the palette to the room décor giving a soft contemporary feel. Working with a calm palette sets up for a “wow-factor” possibly created by a beautiful area rug.

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