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My Mom always had a “sewing room” of some sort in the house. It was the place where she went to get away to her happy place. I understand her sanctuary now more as an adult. What a beautiful thing to be able to pick up and put down projects at your convenience without the hassle of packing it tightly away after each use.

Craft rooms are popular in the same way. Everything you need is stored an arms length away and you set it up according to convenience. Take a look at these dreamy craft rooms that scream Martha Stewart Living.

Inspiring Craft Room

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Get your creative juices flowing with a craft room designed to inspire. From the patchwork word art, “CREATE”, to the 3 dimensional wall art, this room is set up for creativity.

The Scrapbooker’s Dream

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It doesn’t get any better for someone who loves to scrapbook than seeing an entire shelving unit of paper organized by color. With everything easily accessible and plenty of lighting this craft room is a scrapbooker’s dream come true.

The Fabric of Our Lives

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This craft room is like walking into your neighborhood Joann Fabrics. There is plenty of space to store fabrics, and a cutting table with enough room to spread out your project.

What would your dream craft room look like?

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