Bring Summer Into Your Bedroom Design

How to Design Summer Bedroom Style

For many of us, summer invokes thoughts of clear blue skies and leisurely time spent on a shore. Blue isn’t just part of Mother Nature’s summer lookbook though. A cool color pallet also influences a cooler feeling environment. In fact,…
Create Your Dream Vintage Bedroom
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6 Beautiful Styles to Create Your Dream Vintage Bedroom

A vintage bedroom is a perfect place to escape the modern stressful life. Create a pretty vintage bedroom for the charm and attraction of the soft accessories, period furniture, classic shades of paint and sheets, homemade items, and unique…
Healthier Home Environment Through Design
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A Healthier Home: 4 Simple Remodeling Tips

Your home is your sanctuary and having a healthy home is important for your well being. A well-kept space gives you the time to recharge and helps boost the systems in your body. Remodeling projects, like reshaping your space and getting rid…
3 Things Every Bedroom Needs

3 Things Every Bedroom Needs to Have

There are plenty of rooms in your home that you might consider to be important. Some people feel that their kitchen is the very center of the house since it's often the hub of activity during the day. Or perhaps you feel that your living room…
5 Steps to a Beautiful Bedroom Design

5 Steps to a Beautiful Bedroom Design

There is nothing quite like the warmth of a comfortable bed to sleep, nap, read a good book or watch TV. It’s the perfect place within the home to close the door and enjoy some well-earned peace and quiet. To help you create a tranquil paradise…
How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom Design
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Relaxing Bedroom Design; Tips on How to Achieve It

Your bedroom is meant to not only be a place in which you sleep but also a place in which you can relax. It is meant to be your little sanctuary away from the hecticness of day to day life. However, because we don’t tend to spend as much…
4 Themed Bedroom Design Tips
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Bedroom Design; How to Design a Themed Bedroom

Are you tired of your beige bedroom design? Perhaps it’s time you think about revamping it, and the best way to do this is to choose a new style and theme for your bedroom. Here are a few fantastic ideas that will make the room a perfect…
Designing for Dorm Room Living
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Dorm Room Living; 5 Tips for an Organized Dorm Room

Every year I create a post for dorm room living. I know this is the time of year when many young adults are heading off to college which is an exciting time but can also be a little scary too. If you have chosen to move into a dorm room it's…
Bedroom Improvements
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Bedroom Improvements to Prevent Sleepless Nights

We often blame stress and an overactive mind for sleepless nights. However, did you know that your sleeping environment is one of the most influential factors when it comes to enjoying good quality sleep? If your bedroom is giving you nightmares,…
The Benefits of Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

The Benefits of Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture

Best Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture: If it's your first time shopping for new bedroom modern furniture, the number of options can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for beautiful furniture that is durable and easy to maintain, solid wood is…
Common Bedroom Renovation Oversights
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Bedroom Renovation – Did You Forget Something?

You stand back from your newly redecorated room, taking in the full view. You turn in the doorway, expecting to be amazed, and then, you realize there’s something missing. Even if you thought that your bedroom renovation was complete, you…
Inspiring Bedroom Décor Ideas
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Bedroom Décor Tips to Wake Up Energized

If you find it hard to wake up in the morning, the solution to this problem could be in your bedroom décor. If you redecorate your room, you will find that you wake up each morning feeling a lot more refreshed and energized. Don’t believe…