Your home is your sanctuary and having a healthy home is important for your well being. A well-kept space gives you the time to recharge and helps boost the systems in your body. Remodeling projects, like reshaping your space and getting rid of clutter can make for a healthier home, and ultimately a healthier you.

4 Remodeling Tips for a Healthier Home

Pick the Right Colors

Healthier home

Believe it or not, the colors in your bedroom can affect your mood and psyche. Bright colors such as red and orange can pump up the body by increasing heart rate. This is why these colors are heavily linked to anxiety, as well as making it harder to relax and rest.

Make the rooms in your home more conducive to relaxation by choosing cooler hues such as greens and blues. In a bedroom, these colors can be more calming and therefore more effective in promoting deep sleep. If you’re looking to make a room more spacious, painting it white may also do the trick.

Block Out the Sun

In order to sleep longer and deeper, blocking the sun from entering your bedroom is important for a healthier home. Sunlight can easily disrupt one’s sleep and can be inconvenient, especially for people who sleep during daylight hours. Using thick dark curtains may be helpful in keeping any room dim and cozy, allowing you to create relaxing spaces in all areas of your home.

Overall, heavy curtains allow you to have more control over the light that gets inside your room. Using blackout curtains can also work with your room’s aesthetic. It gives your room the right pop of color, which you can use as a guide for choosing which pieces of furniture and trinkets to complement it with.

Reorganize Your Belongings

Healthier home

Since you’re thinking about redesigning your home, you’re probably dealing with clutter or disorganization in one way or another. Whether it’s your messy wardrobe or beauty table that has long become a dumping area for your makeup, hair and skincare products, you know that you’ll have to sort things out.

Consider the messy areas of your home as a potential to have a more organized, and even healthier, living space. For example, if you’re looking to organize your pile of skincare products, put them all in a box and sort which ones deserve a place on your beauty table and which ones need replacing. You can also add other products to your existing pile. A jade roller, for example, is one of the best face cleaning products that you can add to your collection. It’s virtually inexpensive and helps ease puffiness, promotes proper blood circulation and increases cream absorption. Plus, it also looks good, and can, therefore, complement your room’s aesthetic.

Promote Rest

Healthier bedroom

Bedrooms should only contain things that will help you relax. For example, a work desk, documents, and printer belong in your home office, far from the place where you sleep. A collection of your favorite books on your bookshelf is perfectly understandable, but a pile of documents waiting to be worked on is not.

If you can, it would also be best to limit the number of screens in your bedroom. This means no television, computer, laptop or even mobile phones as much as possible. Your room is the place where you should be able to mellow out and relax, so there should be minimal distractions.

Your home plays an important role in your daily cycle of work, play and rest. Having a clean, organized, and well-decorated space allows you to be more at ease with your thoughts and surroundings. Remodeling is, therefore, a beneficial step to have a healthier home, mind, and body. It keeps your mind clear of stress and puts you in a more positive stance mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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