Home remodeling can be overwhelming. You can be faced with a lot of different design challenges that you need to get past. Not only do you have a lot of decisions to make, but you also have a lot of paths and processes to follow. Many times you can get caught up in the overall operations and forget about the finer things that really make a difference. First of all, you might be thinking about the bigger picture, but losing sight of the details that will help you achieve it. To make a difference in your design you have to continuously think about the details and how to make them count!

Home Remodeling 101

Start with a Blank Canvas

I know what your thinking, “I can’t afford to start with a blank canvas”. Let me explain what I mean by a blank canvas. Sometimes your home gets cluttered with stuff over time and it is hard to see your space without it. I recommend hiring a professional that can create a plan. A plan will be a way to view your existing space clearly and uninterrupted with the old things. Being able to view each room with a fresh furniture layout helps you see what you actually need to purchase. Sometimes it is hard to physically move furniture around to view it differently, but with a plan it’s simple. This will allow you to get to a solution for each room quicker. If you think you can’t afford a professional then calculate the time spent trying to do it on your own and possibly not getting it right and you will see it will be the best money spent.

Home Remodeling 101

Plan in Hand

Once you have your home remodeling plan, you know exactly what you need to shop for. Just like you’d be thorough when buying a house, you need to apply the same principles to your decorating schedule. Setting up a design board for each room is a great idea where you can attach your paint palette, images of furniture and fixtures, to make sure all items coordinate perfectly. Remember that design is visual and the more visual you can be in your planning stage the more successful you’ll be.


As you design your house, you might find that you’re tempted to focus on the big things. Whether that’s the countertops and cabinetry in your kitchen or the furniture you add to your living space. But, what you might want to do instead is focus on the finer details. Yes, you want a kitchen that looks incredible, but sometimes it’s the smaller things, like the appliances and the lighting fixtures that make all of the difference. When you start to focus on the smaller details, you’ll start to see the personality of the space come to life.

Decorative Fixtures and Hardware

The little things that make a big impact are the decorative fixtures and the hardware. I like to think of these materials as the jewelry to the room. So, you need to start homing in on the details. Let’s take your bathroom as an example. You’re going to want to head to a store, like Tap Warehouse, and find the vanity bowl that sets off your room just right. Think about the finishes of the faucets and hardware and the impact they will have to your room.

The Finishing Touches

And finally, you’re going to want to focus on the finishing touches. Your home might look incredible with the design theme that you’ve chosen, but without focusing on the details, it might not feel finished. So, instead, add in soft furnishing that set off the design like rugs, curtains, and pillows, that can really add the finished effect you were expecting.

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