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When it comes to renovating your house, you can get excited about all the things you need to do. When you don’t have a clear plan, things can also start to fall apart. Even when you’re using a contractor, if you’re trying to project manage yourself, you can make a lot of horrible remodeling mistakes. Sometimes, the mistakes you make can mess up the entire job, or just make things harder. Either way, you’re going to want to make sure that you avoid these six mistakes when you remodel.

How to Avoid Remodeling Mistakes

6 Remodeling Mistakes You Should Avoid


Setting Unrealistic Timescales

We all know just how important timing is with any project. But when it comes to avoiding remodeling mistakes, it’s often crucial. If you’re going to get the entire job done properly, you absolutely have to be realistic when it comes to your timeline or timescales. Hoping that you can rush through is one way to set yourself up for failure. Setbacks can happen, so it’s important to factor that in. You want to consider if you will be living in your home during the construction and if so the time of year is super important. If you will not be living in your home during construction then it is important to secure your living arrangements in case an unforeseen delay in the project, you don’t want to be left adding another stressful move into your life.

Trying To Squeeze Your Budget

Similarly, another important part of any house renovating is your budget. If you’re working with a small amount of money, you can be tempted to cut corners just to make it stretch. But that is a sure fire way to make your remodel fail. Whether you choose poor quality products or bad contractors, your project will show. I always recommend hiring a professional to design a plan first so that when you bid the project out you know if you can afford it before you begin and avoid a costly disaster in the process. If you can consolidate credit cards or refinance your student loans so you have more cash on hand, you can get away with borrowing less and not ending up deep in debt.

Starting In the Wrong Order

Then there’s also the order that you have things in. Yes, you might be super excited to decorate, but if you try to do any kind of interiors work before your project is ready, you will possibly have to redo it all. So, wait on the basics first. When your footings, electrics, plumbing and building work is done, then you can work on the interior design.

Not Saving What You Can

During any kind of renovation project, you can often be so determined to rip everything out and start afresh. But that can be a mistake. You can spend more money by having to replace everything, even when it’s not needed. If you can reuse anything in the house at all, whether that’s keeping electrics or moving a bathroom basin, do it.

Feeling The Pressure

Then there is the kind of problems that people just don’t talk about. Whether you’re focusing on kitchen remodeling plans or looking to renovate your basement, it’s easy to head straight online for the perfect inspiration. The next thing you know, you find yourself getting into a lot of debt just to fly out kitchen counters from Italy or create a theater room, just to keep up with Pinterest! So, save your mind and your bank balance and walk away from online pressures.

Not Getting Permission

And finally, there’s also the things you just don’t realize you need to do. There are so many different rules and regulations when it comes to building work and remodels, so you need to make sure you research them before you get started with your project. If you have to get certain permissions and you fail to get them, you may find that you get into trouble in your town and have to tear down your work.

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