You stand back from your newly redecorated room, taking in the full view. You turn in the doorway, expecting to be amazed, and then, you realize there’s something missing. Even if you thought that your bedroom renovation was complete, you might be missing a vital component that will bring everything together.

Common Bedroom Renovation Oversights 

Common Bedroom Renovation Oversights

What’s Missing?

You glance around the room. It’s all in place, all the decor and all of the thoughtful accessorizing. The new furniture, painstakingly assembled after long hours spent wrangling with the horror that is flatpack. You’ve got the decorations in place, all ready to be photographed in their glory. Everything is trendy, clean, and exactly as you imagined… but it’s still not right. Maybe you forgot something. There are finishing touches to a bedroom that take it from a random assembly of furniture and into the spacious, bright sanctuary that you’re trying to create. They might seem small, but they can make all the difference.

Did You Forget Texture?

If a room is all one texture, it can look flat and dull. For example, if every surface is shiny and polished, it can give the room a militaristic feel of uniformity. The best way to break this up is by using different textures. Start with the bed. For the best result (and the best night’s sleep too, for that matter) you want a thick mattress that offers plenty of support to the items you can layer onto it. You can read mattress info here and make sure you find something that suits your needs. With that in place, layer your bed with different textiles. Use cotton for your sheets and covers, but then complement that with different fabrics in the form of cushions such as velvet, ribbed styles, or any other material. This can make a big difference to the overall feel of the bed.

Next, turn your attention to the floor and windows. Choosing the right rug for your room can give the room a polished, professional look and feel. Furthermore, while blinds might be practical, curtains add more texture. Therefore, they should be considered – even if it’s just a voile curtain over a pair of blinds. The addition of texture is such an important part of a bedroom renovation.

Did You Forget Lighting?

Having a room with plenty of natural light is always ideal. If you don’t have natural light, you need to figure out proper lighting. Of course, you might think you have this covered with a desk lamp and the main lighting fixture in the room. However, for a finished room to really pop, it needs additional lighting. For example, think about the top of the wardrobe. It could be brightened with LED lights to offer a soft glow in one of the usually darker areas of the room. Consider these small, primarily LED touches in strategic locations. Ideally, you want all areas of the room to have some sort of light source. Even if it’s a dim, decorative light, it still provides an extra dimension, especially in the evening when shadows cross over one another.

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