The way we decorate our homes says a lot about who we are as people. It’s an automatic thing when styling our home décor – you don’t even realize the statements you are making. So, if you were ever wondering why you style your home in the way that you do, read on. We’ve put together some ideas for you that could make things clear. Ready to get started? Then let’s take a closer look.

Home Décor and You

Home Décor and You

The Warm Welcome

Is your home packed full of chairs, comfortable pillows, and soft, luxurious throws? If so, we would wager you love welcoming people into your home and enjoy companionship on a regular basis. You probably have a spare bedroom made up, too, on the off-chance that an old friend pops round and you get into too much wine for them to drive home. It is also likely that your kitchen is the hub of your home, and when you have guests for dinner, you spend many an hour in there.

The Minimalist, No-fuss Approach

First and foremost, if you love minimal living, you are likely to detest untidiness. However, poke around a little more into your psyche, and we might reveal a few more interesting things. Possessions are likely to mean little to you, and you rarely hoard old items. You will also see yourself as a citizen of the world and tend not to be rooted in the same place for too long.

Refined Elegance

Do you find yourself surrounded by traditional furniture, polished antiques, stunning ceramic dishware, and grand chandeliers? If so, you probably have very sophisticated tastes, a knowledge of the history of design, and an enduring love of quality craftsmanship. You like to be seen as someone that is elegant, of course. But you could also be an artsy type, a deep thinker, and someone who spends a long time forging personal relationships.

Retro Vintage

If retro decor is your thing, there’s a good chance your other tastes tend to be vintage, too. Again, you like quality that lasts – but you also yearn for times gone by. You have vivid memories of your childhood and are a loyal friend to those who get to know you.

Ultimate Luxury

The finer things in life are popular for a good reason – they make us feel better about ourselves. You love luxury and want to surround yourself with the best your money can buy. But is there something behind all this? Perhaps. Spending all that money on yourself could be a sign that you are feeling lonely, or want something more out from your everyday life. Now that your home looks fantastic, there’s no need to spend even more. Maybe you should use your money from now on to focus on developing some other skills and looking at ways to develop yourself to be happier within.

The Mish Mash

The vast majority of people fall into this category, of course. Your home is a mixture of all kinds of styles, and you might use neutral colors in your decor. You like a little bit of everything, which makes you a good peacemaker, a modern spirit, and a celebrator of many different cultures.

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