As a designer, I do believe I was born with some natural instinct when it comes to evaluating kitchen color trends, but the whole truth is; I also do my research. There are three components I use to evaluate kitchen color trends:

  • Industry Trade Shows
  • Pantone Color Institute
  • Cultural Influences

Throughout 2016, I have attended industry trade shows that keep my finger on the pulse of the latest in kitchen and bath, furniture and coverings for the home. This gives me great insight as to the current kitchen color trends and sneak peeks into what’s coming in the year to follow.

Kitchen Color Trends 2017 - K+B Insider, Patricia Davis Brown & Karl Champley attending ICFF Show NYC.
Designer, Patricia Davis Brown with Karl Champley, ICFF Show NYC.

My first go-to source for color analysis is the Pantone Color Institute.  It makes the Pantone Matching System Color guides used in a variety of industries, printing, colored paint, fabric, and plastics. It is here that colors are produced and eventually become the color trends that you see in the home design industry.

I also look at current cultural influences in society because I believe color, is how we express attitude and emotion. For instance, I feel that after the recession there was an attitude of decluttering that sparked the want for architectural simplicity. Colors became more subdued than before the recession, sort of cleansing of excess. It sparked a green movement and a desire to be less wasteful. So, one might ask, what will the cultural influences do for the color forecast for the 2017, post-Presidential election?

Kitchen Color Trends for 2017

Pops of Color

We have all been witness to the ugliest of political campaigning in the history of our country and I believe this will have a great influence on color trends in 2017. So with all this said, I believe that the current atmosphere will cause us to seek color palettes that bring a feeling of happy to our spaces, which I see being done as pops of color with calm backdrops. Bringing happy colors into our space creates a child-like atmosphere of not taking things so seriously. Green hues will be in high demand bringing a natural, fresh element inside our homes. I think we all want to hit the refresh button by creating a happy palette in our homes.

Kitchen Cabinetry Colors

Kitchen cabinetry style will still fit the transitional genre that we have seen throughout 2016.  Cabinet colors will be subdued on the overall palette with a possible pop of additional color on the island or a section of the kitchen to create a focal point. There will be a big emphasis on hardware. Hardware will be seen in a variety of metal finishes including rose gold. You will see metal and metallics on other accents like decorative hoods or lighting fixtures.


Quartz countertops will still be the overall favorite due to the ability to control pattern and color along with ease of care. The world is complicated and people don’t want “hard” at home so they are looking for materials that come in a variety of colors and are easy to maintain. Once again, I feel you will see simplistic finishes with layers of contrasting finishes and shapes to create excitement in the design.

Sinks and Faucets

Sinks and Faucets

There are some companies that I look to and expect to be right on trend and BLANCO, is my luxury sink, faucet and decorative accessory guru for what’s next. I love manufactures that offer choices in colors and with BLANCO’s introduction of SILGRANIT®, sinks and faucets, I have the tools I need to complete my design. BLANCO is right on trend with their SILGRANIT® 8 color options in a revolutionary material that offer amazing durability which my clients are asking for. Their SILGRANIT sinks are designed to be scratch, stain and heat-resistant and with a gallery of neutral color offerings they work well with the trending countertop colors for 2017.

So, there you have my predictions for kitchen colors for 2017, but I am a believer that your home needs to reflect your personality. It’s important to do your research on trends; just so you know what is on the horizon and by doing this you will know what is the feel good palette that will get you to your ultimate happy place!

All insights and commentary are my own.


Images Courtesy of Canva.

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