When you’re considering how to decorate or design a room in your home, you’ll probably try to think of a decor that is modern and contemporary. One that will also fit into the overall flow of your home. However, have you wondered if it’s possible to design a room which could affect your mood and help to keep you in top spirits? Well, you’ll be very happy to hear that there are lots of studies that claim that this is entirely possible. Many experts have looked into the role that certain colors and designs play on our well-being and moods. And their findings are entirely positive, showing that décor influences mood greatly. So, if you are interested in designing a room that can help sway how you feel each day, here are some top design tips for creating a decor that is influential on your moods.

Design Tips For Creating Decor to Influence Your Moods

Design Tips For Creating Decor to Influence Your Moods

Go For High Ceilings

This may not be possible for all properties, you might be restricted to your current ceiling height. However, sometimes it’s possible to increase the height of your rooms. Studies show that people who live in homes with high ceilings generally feel a lot freer than those who live underneath low ceilings. This makes sense because you won’t feel as claustrophobic in your own home. Lots of people find that they feel a lot more creative in rooms with high ceilings. If you’ve been meaning to get started on a novel or want to start painting, it’s worth working in a room with high ceilings! Don’t worry if you can’t raise your current ceilings. You can always change the perception in the room to make it seem like the ceilings are higher than what they actually are. One way to do this is to paint your walls with light colored paint.

Add Light

Ideally, rooms need to be filled with as much natural light as possible. The more natural light a room contains, the better your mood will be. If you aren’t exposed to natural light regularly in your home, it might interrupt your circadian rhythm. What exactly is a circadian rhythm? Well, it is a natural 24-hour cycle that all biological organisms go through. It affects our sleep patterns and the length of time for which we can stay awake. So, a lack of light can disturb these cycles and can mess up your sleep cycle. If you spend a lot of time in a dim light, you may end up experiencing jet lag symptoms. Don’t worry if you don’t get enough natural light in a room. You can make it seem brighter by using light paint and adding lots of sconce lighting to the walls.

Consider The View

The view from your home should be taken into consideration whenever you decide to decorate. One of the best views you can have from your windows is rolling countryside. That’s because green is a very soothing color. Many experts believe that looking out onto countryside and a gorgeous landscape is a great way to energize yourself and reduce feelings of fatigue and lethargy. Stuck in a townhouse with a boring view of roads and cars? Well, there is a way to improve it. And no, it doesn’t involve moving houses! Simply buy some houseplants and place them on your windowsills. If you fill your windowsills with flowers and plants, it will appear like your house looks onto lovely green pastures. This type of décor influences mood just as well as other types. Just make sure you focus on the plants rather than the concrete that lies beyond!

Think About Room Arrangement

Have you ever heard about Feng Shui? It is a Japanese system of philosophy that states the arrangement of furniture in your room can have a big effect on your moods and emotions. It’s all about making sure that there is harmony in your rooms so that you are able to harmonize with your surrounding environment. So why not think about rearranging your furniture today to change the energy flow in your room. You might find that changing the arrangement of your room regularly can help change up the energy, which therefore can energize and refresh you. If you are looking for a bit more motivation, think about placing your desk in front of a window. The view across the countryside or your window flowers will fill you with lots of positive energy and will certainly inspire you!

Color & Décor that Influences Mood

When it comes to the colors of your rooms, there is a whole color psychology you can use to help consider which colors to go for. There are many theories that state certain colors can ignite specific feelings in people. For instance, there are many links between the color red and anger and aggressiveness. Therefore, it’s smart to stay away from the color red for the walls of your house! Certain colors prevent feelings of unhappiness. Warm yellows and earth colors are the best colors for bedrooms as they are comforting and make it easy to sleep. If you team these colors with a cozy mattress, like one recommended on the sites including www.bestbedsboutique.com/best-innerspring-mattress-today/, your bedroom will be super cozy! When it comes to colors for your living room and dining area, go for pale pastels because they’re very relaxing. Colour is a very popular way that décor influences mood.

Shapes for Comfort

You also need to take shapes into consideration when it comes to decorating rooms. If you have small children, try not to have too many straight edges or sharp corners in your house. They can be quite dangerous! Adults who are still kids at heart also associate sharp edges and corners with dangers so you might find it more relaxing if you soften your decor with plenty of cushions and round corners. Even circular wall hangings can help to lessen the effect of straight lines and hard corners.

Hopefully, you now know that you should put quite a bit of thought into your design and decor. In addition to how Décor influences mood, décor can also improve your home’s style!

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