As a designer turned K+B Insider trendspotter for the National Kitchen and Bath Association, it is part of my job to attend industry shows in the design world.  To stay on top of new ideas and report my findings. This gives me insight into what is trending and what is to come in home décor; which I love to share with my readers of Dig This Design.

Home Décor for 2017

It seems that every year there is a new trend in home décor, some lasting for years and others passing from fashion before a single season is over. Even so, when it comes to decorating your home, it’s all about what you are comfortable with. And unless you are going to try to make the cover of House & Garden, you are free to decorate as you please and as your budget allows. If you are ready to explore new options in home décor, why not go for what’s trending in 2017? This year it’s bright, bold and beautiful and with the lovely ideas floating around out there, there’s no reason to think you’ll be needing to redecorate anytime soon!

How Bright, Bold, and Beautiful Works

The minimalist look is being carried over from 2016 and it will create a calm backdrop for pops of bright, bold accents. It is becoming increasingly popular to actually use a number of colors that perhaps traditionally weren’t used together, such as all the primary colors at once. Red, blue and yellow are all worked into the color scheme and from there greens and purples are added. However, the one thing to be aware of is that each color used needs to be bright and bold. There is no holding back on this trend.

A Look at What’s Trending

Sometimes it helps to have a visual representation of what is trending.  If you are having difficulty envisioning the use of all those colors together, check out Here you will see how each dining chair has its own color and how they are used together rather than in a set. The same holds true for the living room and as you can see, even the end and accent tables are done in sleek lines with the same bright, bold and beautiful colors.

A quick Tip on Arranging Your Colors

The one thing you will want to do is take your predominant color and make that your focal point within any room. You’ll want your brightest, boldest and yes, your loudest color to be the point that draws the eyes. From there you lessen the impact as you move outwards. So then, if your sofa is the focal point of the living room, that should be chosen for its ability to attract attention. In other words, how bold and bright is it really? From there work outwards with colors getting less bright and bold or at least colors that aren’t as dark or aren’t as light. If your sofa is yellow, work outwards with darker shades as you go and vice versa. If your sofa is red, move outwards to blue and then to yellow.

The whole idea can be likened to a shock wave. The use of bright, bold and beautiful colors enables you to quickly switch focal points so that you can actually change your look often by rearranging the way the colors react with each other. Are you in a loud mood? Move your reds to the center. Are you in a softer, more sedate mood? Try moving blue to the focal point and work outwards to yellow. The effective use of color is in for 2017, so why not use as much as you can? Go bright, bold and beautiful for the trendiest look in the new year.

Images Courtesy of Canva.

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