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Countertops That Pop

My clients are often ask me if they should use more than one countertop material in their kitchen design, but, I always choose to color outside the lines.

Glass Adds Class to This Kitchen

This remodel was a 1970’s property on the inter-coastal waterway. This is a prime example of how glass adds class to your interior designs.

Bookstore Decorated with Recycled Books

There are many ways we can recycle and you would never think about using recycled material in interior decorating, but I have for years and it is very cool.

Before and After – Making a Small Kitchen Feel Big

Kitchen Makeover Before and After by Patricia Davis Brown – Design Inspiration for your DIY Kitchen Makeover. You will love this design!

Fun For All Ages

I want to play, don’t YOU??? Plus, fun for all ages is a theme I love. I had fun playing with this project and who wouldn’t?