Living in Florida I am ready for cooler weather brought in by the fall season. It’s like a breath of fresh air and with the low humidity, my hair finally does what I want it to, that alone is a reason to celebrate! As a designer, my way to celebrate a new season is with fresh décor that brings in the new season colors and textures. Most states are seeing their foliage turn bright fall colors and watching bright colored leaves float down from the trees coloring the landscape. As a Floridian, I too want to see fall colors to help me celebrate the changing of the season. The first place I like to turn my decorating focus is the entryway to my home. Today, I want to share with you tips to creating a fall entryway that brings out the feeling of fall wherever you live.

Fall Entryway Decorating 

My home is a Florida ranch style house and I recently added a front porch to it to give it a more welcoming feel and allowing me the opportunity to decorate my entryway to bring in seasonal flair. It’s important when creating a fall entryway to use lots of colors that fall is known for. As I mentioned above the northern states are blessed with the changing colors of the leaves during the fall season. By popping the same colors you would see in nature with my choices of decorations I am able to bring out the character of the fall season. I layered my orange chairs with fall accent pillows with the seasonal theme creating a cozy element to my front porch. I picked up potted flowers at the local nursery with blooms the color of fall and transferred them to a bright colored pot. Remember, with fall comes lots of vibrant colors and is a must in creating a seasonal fall entryway.

Fall Entryways Should Be Welcoming

I know we don’t have hay rides in Florida and hay is the perfect accent to use to create some fall textures in your fall entryway decorations. I have never been one for plastic pumpkins and I love to use natural elements of the season like real pumpkins. A designer pumpkin made from straw painted in a trendy gold finish adds just the right amount of bling and still in an organic material and not plastic. I found this sign with a welcoming message that helped complete my front porch fall feeling.

By layering together tradition fall colors and textures I am able to create a fall entryway at my Florida home. I am always open to seeing other people’s decorating ideas so if you have some great front porch decorating tips please share in the comment section below the post. HAPPY FALL decorating ALL!

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