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Fall Decorating - Fall windowsill decor.

Living in Florida, there really isn’t a need for a fireplace and they are always the perfect place for seasonal decorating. What I do have is a big plate glass window with a long windowsill that I use in place of a mantel for my fall decorating. I change my window décor seasonally to create the atmosphere that fits the season. The same principles apply to both, it’s just linear decorating. Let’s explore some ways to feel the spirit of the season through decorating your mantel and windowsills through linear fall decorating.

Fall Decorating Linearly 

Fall Decorating - Decorating your windowsill for fall.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

My large kitchen window is where I can express myself through décor. Because I live in a tropical environment I always throw in a few elements of the coast, which adds a  twist to the seasonal fall-theme. I always like to use natural décor as oppose to fake things like plastic decorations. Fresh flowers are a must for me and the fall season produces wonderful color in its harvest that I can simply pick up at the local grocery store.

Balance and Rythm

It is important when decorating linearly to find balance and a rhythm like high and low, this allows the eye to follow across your linear surface without confusion, it just works!

Fall Decorating - Fall windowsill decor.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

You first want to find your center and work out from there. I used a layered method here which I think made it special. My wrought iron lanterns had glass globes for tea candles which bring in the scent of the season. I believe in the power of aromatherapy to create a mood and I decorate with fragrance throughout my home. I placed gold painted starfish, one directly behind each globe creating a wonderful illusion through the globe, reminding us of the elements that live outside my window, I love that! I used bigger, taller, starfish layered together to start my up-down rhythm across my windowsill.

Use Fresh Flowers for Pops of Color

Fall Decorations - The use of real flowers in decorating for fall.

Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs, LLC.

There is nothing more beautiful than fresh flowers for adding pops of color. I found round clear glass vases at my local TJMaxx store. Round vases with a small neck opening work great for easy flower arrangements. You simply arrange your bouquet in your hand and find the length to cut them by holding it up to the vase. After you cut them you simply drop them into the vase for a nice round bouquet. What is nice about having vases of colorful flowers is you can move them around your house easily to conform to the type of entertaining you might be doing.

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