Natural lighting is so important to the interior of the home.

Natural Lighting; How To Increase Daylighting at Home

Many people are blessed with having a home filled with natural lighting, where even the darkest corners of every room seem to be as bright as everywhere else. However, for people living in small apartments, or houses without many windows, it…
8 Ways to Protect Your Flooring During Construction

8 Ways to Protect Your Flooring During Construction

Your home's flooring is an integral part of your home design and decor. When you undertake any sort of construction or renovation project, you want to ensure it's protected. And, above all else, you want to prevent damage. Companies like Trimaco…
5 Projects for the Empty Nester

Tips for The Empty Nester Home Makeover

It is probably hard for you to believe, but your last youngster just moved out of the nest, making you part of the empty nester club. After years of having at least one child living at home, it’s now just you and your spouse. While you…
Top Tips for 6 Home Upgrades

6 Top Home Upgrades For Best Return

Millennials are embarking on a series of home improvements to make it suit their needs and tastes. According to a Houzz & Home survey, most millennials who renovated their homes in the last year spent an average of $26,200 on home upgrades.…
Home Remodeling Survival Guide

Home Remodeling Survival Guide

Home remodeling is something most of us dream about – buying a wreck of a house and transforming it into an all-singing, all-dancing dream pad, complete with a green roof, solar panels, games basement, and a walk-in dressing room. In…
Home Upgrades To Improve Your House
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Home Upgrades that will Benefit your Everyday Life

Home Upgrades are very common for homeowners because they want their homes to provide them with the foundations of comfort, safety, and happiness. Unfortunately, many families make the mistake of simply adding modern trends that will need…
Reasons Why Home Renovations End Up Costing More

Why Home Renovation Often Cost More than Expected

Whilst some people prefer to buy a home where all it needs is a lick of paint, others enjoy the challenge of purchasing a ‘project’. This type of home needs a lot more than a lick of paint. In most cases, it will need extensive work, both…
How to Negotiate Your Home Renovation
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A Guide to Negotiating Your Home Renovation

A home renovation is a challenging project. You have to become a project manager, juggling multiple tasks at once while keeping your eye on things.One of the most important things to keep an eye on is your budget. Remodeling is expensive; even…
Planning Your Kitchen Remodel
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Kitchen Remodel Advice – Best Value for The Dollar

A kitchen remodel can be a stressful endeavor but, it doesn't have to be. With the right planning upfront, you get a great kitchen remodel.
When Your House Is No Longer Enough – Move or Redesign?
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When Your House Is No Longer Enough – Move or Redesign?

You own your house, and you've lived in it for years, but you're not sure if it's what you need anymore. Perhaps you think you might need more room, or you've lost your love for the style of the house. Your first thought might be to move, but…
How to Successfully Prioritize a Home Remodel

How to Successfully Prioritize a Home Remodel

When it comes to remodeling your home, you might not have as much time or money as you’d like, which means that you have to prioritize which aspects of your remodel are the most important. While you’re planning how your newly remodeled…


Kitchen Design

Interior Designer, Patricia Davis Brown is known for her award-winning kitchen design. Combining architectural detail and functional floor plans with appliances, fixtures, cabinets, flooring and countertops, Patricia's designs are true inspirations. Interior…