Woman's Fashion Guide

Woman’s Fashion Tips – A Guide to Dressing for Any Occasion

I love the change of seasons because it allows me to change up my wardrobe and express myself in a whole new way. The art of dressing in winter is to not make it too stuffy. Today's post shows how you can strut your stuff in winter easily with…
4 Most Important Fashion Events in the World

4 Most Important Fashion Events in the World

Fashion aficionados, influencers, and designers of all levels live for the world's top fashion events. While fashion shows are common in every corner of the globe, the most prominent ones are so exclusive that most people will never be able…
Plus Size Fashion is Sexy

Plus Size Fashion is Sexy and Soaring in Popularity!

For many years, plus sizes were unfortunately pushed to the margins of the mainstream by the fashion industry. Actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy spoke out about her initial forays in her studies of fashion design and how she ultimately…
Pantsuits Have No Limitations in Style

Pantsuits are Trending for Fall 2016

According to Marjorie Jolles, a women's studies professor at Roosevelt University, pantsuits are an essential tool for American women operating in spaces historically dominated by men.  "[Pantsuits] hide [a woman's] femininity—and by that…
Fall Fashion - Maxi Dress by Sabre Mochachino with Tom Ford sunglasses.

Fall Fashion Trends For Over 50

Fall Fashion Recommendations by Patricia Davis Brown Dressing sexy at any age is about confidence and what makes you feel sexy! I have never let age dictate to me what I should wear. One of my loves is fashion which is why it is a topic…
How to Expand Your Wardrobe

Expand Your Wardrobe – A How To Guide

How to Expand Your Wardrobe We all know how difficult it can be to expand your wardrobe. Come time, for a change of seasons, and it can be a real nightmare. Most people are continually on the lookout for ways to increase their wardrobe and…
Bodystockings a Fashionable Choice

Bodystockings – Sexy and Fashionable!

Sensual, exotic, eye-catching -- all of these are words used to describe the look of sexy bodystockings adorned with a little bling. The standard bodystocking, with its body contouring fit, is a sensual piece of lingerie in its own regard.…
Summer Fashions for 2016

Summer Fashions for 2016

Summer fashions are my all-time favorite to wear. There is something about warm weather and tan skin that makes you flaunt your style.
new years eve party outfit ASTR dress Stuart Weitzman lace pumps gemstone clutch Henri Bendel chocker necklace

New Year’s Eve Party Style From Two Generations

I love to bring in the New Year with a party to toast the past with friends and to look forward to a brand new year full of possibilities! I also love to glam it up and a party is a perfect excuse to do just that! My style is still about rocking…
Camouflage Can ROCK Any Style

Camouflage Can ROCK Any Style

Camouflage fabric is a print that never goes out of style, but not all women feel they can pull off the camo look. If you are considering adding camo prints to your wardrobe, there are several ways you can do it with confidence. Take a look…
Top 3 luxury watch brands and their evolution, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega infographic showing product progression throughout the years

Design History: 3 Luxury Watch Brands’ Product Evolution [Infographic]

Today we're taking a look back at the origins of three major luxury watch brands, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Omega. This infographic chronicles their ascend to success over the years. At the bottom of the infographic are comparison charts showing…
Why Neon Colors Dominate Sport Uniforms and Inspire Fashion

Why Neon Colors Dominate Sport Uniforms and Inspire Fashion

Once primarily used for safety reasons in activities such as running and biking, neon clothing has exploded onto the market this year in a virtual cross section of sports. From college playoff football jerseys to hockey uniforms to tennis outfits—and…