Woman’s Fashion Tips – A Guide to Dressing for Any Occasion

Woman's Fashion Guide

I love the change of seasons because it allows me to change up my wardrobe and express myself in a whole new way. The art of dressing in winter is to not make it too stuffy. Today’s post shows how you can strut your stuff in winter easily with a few fashion tips for dressing for any occasion.

Woman’s Fashion Guide

Woman's Fashion Guide

Winter Casual

If you’re wanting to look casual and want to avoid looking overdressed at all costs then opt for an informal denim pant, the perfect woman’s fashion tip. Jeans are the staple when thinking casual and layering the look with a leather jacket and trendy scarf, is just the ticket for a lunch date with the girls. Hats are always a great way to add a little personality and work well on bad weather days leaving you looking casual and glam. 

Trendy Casual

Stepping up to a trendy casual look for a dinner out is easy. I like to start with the black pencil leg pants with some chic wing tipped shoes, a bit of masculine vibe which I think is sexy on a woman. A pop of color brings it together perfectly with a bright colored, patterned scarf casually draped around your neck. Let your purse be your identity for the day by bringing your personality to the palette.

Office Casual

When my husband tells me business casual, he gets the eye roll. Being told to dress in smart casual clothes can often confuse me. It’s okay for men who can wear a shirt and trousers for any occasion but for us women, it’s a little trickier. The pencil skirt is one of my go-to choices for this style, but I also dig the straight legged slack, with a side split to show off a high-heeled pump. 

Strictly Business

Hilary Clinton has made the pantsuit vogue again! It is trending this year for that powerful corporate look. There is just no one style either. You can find pantsuits with cropped legs, flared legs, just about any pant style that you can think of and it’s all trending.

Cocktail Attire

Cocktail attire is my favorite. I love getting to dress up for a cocktail event and wearing one of my dressier outfits. After a hard week at work, there’s nothing better than meeting with your friends to let down your hair and have a cocktail or two. This is when you bring out the best you’ve got ladies! Reveal a bit of leg in your above the knee outfits and make sure your feet suffer in those painfully high but equally gorgeous heels you’ve just been dying to wear all week.

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